#B31JustRead: Drunk driver who killed mum-of-three in crash fleeing police jailed


We just read from the Birmingham Mail

A disqualified drink driver who killed a mum-of-three when he crashed during a police chase has been jailed for six years and eight months.

Liam Ellis, who had never taken a driving test and was drunk drove at speeds of up to 84mph before losing control of the vehicle.

Sophie Case, a 20-year-old mother of three – including two of Ellis’ own children – died shortly after he ploughed into a van.

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  1. Should be a life for a life because not only has he took the life of the young mother he has also destroyed the life of them 3 children. Life for a life. You should be serving 4 of them tottaling 100 years inside.

  2. People forget this was the mother of his kids he neva murdered her they all chose to get in the car he’s lost his whole life and feels more then guilt not saying. He was right for drink driving but the passengers got in knowing this

  3. Just don’t get the justice system in this country..
    No drivers license,drunk at the wheel,reckless driving,kills a young mum of three kids and the judge hands down a 6year sentence.
    Outrageous so 3-4 years he could be out doing exactly the same again.
    They should open up alcatraz island and give them a minimum term of 75years before parole..
    Banged up for 12 hours a day.

    Just feel sorry for the mums kids and her family..
    No justice here.
    Rip to the young woman.


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