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From West Midlands Police:

Edward More - click to enlarge
Edward Morey – click to enlarge

We are appealing for information to help find a man who is wanted, after leaving a mental health unit in Rubery, Birmingham.  

Edward Morey, 27, was last seen at 12.20am on Saturday 26 November when he escaped on escorted leave.

He is described as a white man, 5ft 11ins tall and of medium build. He was last seen wearing a black jumper, black jeans and black trainers.

Morey has a number of birthmarks and tattoos, most notably a large birth mark covering his lower right arm, the name Karleen inscribed on his left wrist and a tattoo of a scorpion on his neck.

He has links to Coventry and Preston in Lancashire.

Members of the public are advised not approach him but to call 999 immediately.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call the non-emergency 101 number. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


  1. I presume this is Reaside, Great Park? Of course this is very concerning, but I do wish Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust would take more care of their patients. This isn’t just about protecting the public from criminal behaviour but about genuine carefulness of those with significant disturbances.
    There are too many quite cavalier attitudes of staff towards patients/clients in this ‘Trust’, and very little attention paid to developing helpful therapeutic relationships.
    This does nothing to enable stability in patients, or growth.

  2. Really cavalier?
    We are here to help these men back into society as society has given up on them.
    Families & friends dont have the time energy or resources to care for these men,so myself and many of my colleagues give up our own family connections to look after these unfortunate men.
    Yes we get paid to do this job ,but we as a group are known to come in early stay late and work on our days off.
    We get attacked but still care, we get abused but still turn up the next day.
    We get criticised by the public we keep safe but we are still polite.
    We give up our dreams and hobbies as we dont have the time,energy or monies.
    And Mr Zorbathebudda, these men still have brains and plans but as not to alarm/upset the public we are restricted as to what we can and cant do.
    You can thank public opinion for this.
    As for therapeutic relationships this would not of stopped anyone wanting to flee somewhere where they do not want to be.
    Have you ever been in a place with friends but still rather be at home? I can guess the answer is 100% yes.

    • Well I grant you, Reaside might attract rather more compassionate adn visionary types as staff than the rest of bsmhft, and maybe there are some truly committed, warm and kind, individuals who genuinely seek to understand and help to enhance the lives of those particularly challenged at Reaside (for whatever reason those same patients struggle with life in this world).
      But in general I have not found this kind of dedication in the mental health trust; in fact my experience has been, not just a very disappointing one, but at times quite quite shocking in terms of staff behaviour and attitude.
      And more disturbing, —experience has demonstrated,— staff are frequently not held accountable either. In terms of abuse and bullying, little has changed in the culture of mental health since Victorian times, and the anecdotes are legion.

    • Friends and family have NOT given up on this man how dare you imply that! The hospital mental torture some of these patients to the point they want to kill themselves please do not believe everything you hear

  3. I have to say he was treated for an injury in a&e last week when I was also there. The staff that took care of him were very efficient and thorough

  4. This is my son an no we haven’t give up on gin never will….it’s not all that it seems in readied …When u have a certain member of staff that’s a bully knowing the patient has not got a leg to stand on that fair play….I will fight my sons corner as long as I live cause he a worthy cause…he is not a murderer …an not a harm to no one exempt from himself at one point but no longer…it must be hard knowing u on no medication an have to be in a place where everyone is …not normal ….so whoever the smart arse with your comments keep em to yourself…

  5. Carol I am so glad you have written here. It is so important that your voice is heard. For a member of staff to claim that ‘everyone has given up on these people’ is such a arrogant assumption that no doubt many will think is a fact whereas clearly is not a fact all! This is such a cruel thing to say.
    Regarding the staff claiming to be ‘attacked every day’ – I cannot vouch for that being true or not being true, but I would say that such attacks will in part be due to the context, constraints, and basic environment, as well as the staff attitudes. So, those of us without a more objective view of this situation cannot know for sure what this is about exactly.
    The mental health trust dominates all patients, and its narrative tends to be the one that is loudest and most heard, and muzzles dissident voices all the time. I do think that too many workers in mental health, whilst they have certain training, lack insight and empathy, and I think this is true at every level -from psychiatrists and psychotherapists–, down to the cpns (and social workers). The problem with this system is that those working it seek to control rather than heal, and frequently say and do things that are both cruel and ignorant. There is in my view, a lack of integrity and vision, and a very muddled sense of ‘what is good for the patient’, that rather than being in the patient’s interest, is more a case of what suits those supposedly allocated to ‘care’ for them. ‘Care’ is a very very strange word in this institution. It certainly does not mean what most of us think it means. Certainly there is an almost complete lack of compassion.
    Having said that, I am sure there are workers who really are committed – they are everywhere – but unfortunately they are not the majority in my experience and I despair of the lack of commitment and care I have found in mental health – the general public do not as a whole have an informed picture of what really goes on until a person gets to see it first hand when someone close to them seeks treatment. Then, I know for a fact, the reality of attitudes and treatment is frequently quite disturbing and shocking.
    Again, thanks Carol, for your piece here. My heart goes out to you. Things are frequently not what they seem, but the powers that be, unfortunately have the means to discredit those whom they fail, and as far as mental health goes, Pollyanna PR magazines predominate, and brainwash the public regarding what mental health treatment/support is really about. It really is nothing like the image they seek to transmit.

  6. Zorbatthebuddha

    Thank you for your kind words and understanding to my mother! No one knows the hurt my family have been through, my brother is no angel but certainly not a danger to anyone! The misconduct with the hospital that he is in is the reason behind him not wanting to go back but can you blame him? It’s awful the way a certain person is treating him and other patients all because they have a bit of authority and we’re probably bullied themselves as a child !!!! I have informed some very important people of the treatment …. so they are fully aware of what is happening and hopefully this awful person can not carry on with what they are doing ! And even the person in charge of them knows what’s happening yet does nothing !!!!! So to the person up there commenting “talking rubbish” leave it out !

  7. Further, Terrie…..Out of these possible contacts, the CCG (for your area) –the Clinical Commissioning Group is the one focused on people’s individual situations,— the others, CQC and Healthwatch are really more general as is the Scrutiny committee. (‘Health. Well-Being and the Environment Overview & Scrutiny Committee’)–part of the council.

  8. Thank you very much zorbatthebuddah! The world needs more caring people like you , he has since returned to the hospital recently and we will be taking it further thanks again for your help x

  9. Also Terrie, there are advocacy groups like ‘Voiceability’ and Pohwer. Voiceability specifically help with complaints and will help you draft letters etc, and Pohwer will support you in other ways, not specifically with dealing with complaints however. Both you can google, but I know Pohwer’s number is 0300 546 2370. since it is primarily a complaint you are making they will probably redirect you anyway to Voiceability, but they may be useful in their own way..
    Believe me, I am passionate about this subject which is why I am becoming such an expert!
    This organisation is a monolith as well as a monster. They need to learn a thing or two in my opinion.
    My heart is with your heart. Take care, I know exactly where you are coming from. xx


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