Yes you read the title correctly, our favourite local band have finally released a new video and it is beautifully brilliant.

For those of you who have never heard of Goodnight Lenin, seriously whaaaaa? How is that possible? Firstly, you have not been visiting B31 Voices enough, because we’ve been covering them for 5 years and more importantly, you have sadly been missing out on music produced by some very super talented local individuals.

‘Desire’ is due to be released digitally via Static Caravan on 21st November and you can pre-order and support the fellas HERE.

Even though the simplicity of the video is hugely entertaining and has a Radiohead’s Tom Yorke in Lotus Flower merged with Napoleon Dynamite feel to it, it’s the brilliance of the music that is truly infectious.

Band member John Fell said: “We are used to spending a long time recording and making our videos so we decided to come up with a simple concept. It was filmed in 30mins… job done.”

“We’ve been working in the studio for well over a year now and have quite a lot of content coming your way! We have found a harmony which allows us to live our lives whilst still getting together every week to write, practice, record. We’re in a good place!”

Like everybody else, we wanted to know if the dancer (Tom Peel) had been on the pop in preparation for his killer dance routine? Apparently not! John Fell said “Ha! Tom doesn’t drink actually… He is like that all the time! A lot of fun to be around. One of the good guys.

“We want to put more material out from now on so it’s important to make sure things don’t take so long. We have a couple more videos in the bag. Plus Tom Peel dancing? Always going to be fun!”

The video is awesome, but we don’t just want to watch a video, we want to see the fabulous fellas perform whilst we Tom-Dance until we get cramp I hear you shout. Well calm your pants and lower your voices because you can. The lads are doing a show with Boat To Row in Coventry, yes it is in Coventry but it will be dark so nobody will see you! (Only joking, I love Coventry!) This is on the 25th November and you can buy tickets below. The good news is, if you can’t get to Coventry then you can buy tickets for the official single launch on the 26th November at Muthers Studio in Digbeth!

Buy tickets for the Coventry gig HERE

Buy tickets for the official single launch at Muthers Studio HERE


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