You can get many things in a subscription box these days – flowers, tea, seeds, beauty products, wine and there’s even a weekly gourmet cheese toastie subscription box called ‘Cheese Posties’! (We’re subscribing to that one!)

And now Dan Bridgewater, from Rednal, has managed to come up with a fresh, fun and quirky idea for a new subscription service. 

buckt-logo-biggerBuckt is based on the idea of a bucket list and the Ultimate package will deliver up to 10 activities to try to the doormats of subscribers every month – including tickets, discounts, challenges & invitations. There will also be a Membership package, which will digitally deliver discounts, vouchers and challenges.

Cover photo: founder Dan completes a bungee jump

Buckt founder Dan Bridgewater
Buckt founder Dan Bridgewater

Dan, a former pupil at Colmers School, came up with the idea of Buckt when he was going through a difficult time personally and feeling despondent. He decided to write a bucket list to refocus himself on the positive things to come in his future.

He said: “I realised that bucket lists were more than just a list of things to do, but represented freedom, living, escape from mundanity. This, combined with an interest in the subscription box model, led to a moment of inspiration, and Buckt was born.”

And Buckt has certainly attracted some positive attention, narrowly missing out on a prize worth £20,000 after reaching the final three in a regional enterprise competition run by national accountancy firm, Baldwins.

National brands including Planet Ice, HeliAdventures, YogaHaven and Golfbug have already signed up to be included and many more are to be confirmed ready for the January 2017 launch.

Dan is looking forward to a positive future with Buckt. He said: “I’m really excited about what we can do with Buckt. The brand is quirky and innovative, meaning we can try new ideas and really make it something unique. We recently completed research and 94% of respondents said they ‘like’ or ‘really like’ the idea, so I’m confident it’s going to be a hit”.

We wish Dan all the best with his new business. You can support Dan & Buckt by donating to the Crowdfunder (closes 28/11/16) if you can.


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