A series of training and apprenticeships courses at the Learning Hub near the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Edgbaston are helping young people struggling to find employment into jobs in the NHS.

learninghubandqehbheader1-2The Youth Promise Plus initiative is provided in partnership with all Birmingham and Solihull NHS Trusts and Birmingham City Council and aims to engage with 1000+ 15-29 year old people who are looking to secure training or employment within the NHS.

Courses are based at the Learning Hub – a purpose built training centre next to the QE, funded by University Hospitals Birmingham, Advantage West Midlands and European Regional Development Funds.

Aimed at 18 to 29 year olds who are not in any form of employment, training or education, training is tailored to the needs and abilities of individuals and takes place in the hub: a modern, welcoming and supportive environment.

After some initial classroom training, courses include placements within the QE or other NHS hospitals.

As well as being mentored through the training and placements, participants receive support with job seeking and application.

Who can apply?

If you are interested in a career in the NHS and

  • are aged 18-29 years old
  • live in Birmingham or Solihull
  • are currently not in any employment, education or training

call the Hub on 0121 697 8200 for more information or to apply. 

More information can also be found on the Learning Hub website



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