Pre-schoolers from Kings Norton Children’s Centre were all smiles on Wednesday 5th October as mydentist’s mobile dental classroom arrived to teach children how they can maintain a happy, healthy mouth.

The launch of the mobile classroom in Kings Norton by the team at mydentist’s practice located on Redditch Road, follows research which reveals that twenty-one per cent of children experience dental decay, have one or more teeth that are decayed to extraction or filled because of cavities, before their first day of school.

Last year almost 500 children aged five to nine were admitted to hospital for multiple tooth extractions every week, making tooth decay one of the nation’s most common diseases amongst children.

Mydentist’s mobile dental classroom is travelling the length and the breadth of the country visiting schools with dentists and dental nurses on board to educate more children on the benefits of looking after their teeth and also what food and drink is good for their teeth and what they should avoid.

Mydentist practice manager, Jayne Bullivant said: “Statistics show that 30 per cent of children didn’t see an NHS dentist between 2012 and 2014 and dental issues continue to be the main reason for children being admitted into hospital.

“Our aim is to change this trend by raising awareness of the free dental care which is available to children on the NHS, including fluoride varnish which should be applied to children’s teeth twice a year from the age of three, and also by showing children that looking after your teeth is not only really important, but it can also be fun.

“And it really works. On average after we visit a school with our mobile dental classroom, appointments with children increase by 18 per cent.”

During the visit the pre-schoolers got the opportunity to identify which food and drinks were good for their oral health and which were not. Research by mydentist recently revealed that 20 per cent of parents believe fruit smoothies are good for their children’s teeth, despite most containing high levels of sugar as well as acid.

Bullivant added: “We’ve been overwhelmed by the response our mobile dental classroom has received from schools, especially here in Kings Norton.

“Today our lessons were attended by children from across the city and each were given a special goody bag containing a two-minute tooth brush timer and The Little Book of Big Smiles so they can carry on maintaining their dental health outside the classroom.

“Our mobile classroom is touring the country and we couldn’t have received a more positive response to our journey to improve the UK’s dental health.”

For more information on the free dental care available to children in Kings Norton or to arrange a school visit contact the mydentist practice located on 183 Redditch Road or call 0121 4585415 or visit


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