Yesterday, we were sent some photos of a sad and lonely Christmas Stick Tree which some readers had spotted in Northfield – complete with a handwritten notice proclaiming it to be “the loneliest Christmas Tree in the world” and asking people to add decorations to its rather stumpy branches!

Laura Hamilton sent in photos of her and her mum adding a few baubles to the tree and we posted a #PositiveSWBrum poster on our social media sites to highlight the tree – and to see if we could find out who had placed the notice and started to decorate the tree.

We soon discovered that the notice had been placed by 7 year old Matilda Brown, with some assistance from her grandma, Patricia Tonks!

15192516_10154343391194563_8424790476000696132_nMatilda and her grandma had seen the sad and lonely tree while walking to and from St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School one morning.

Matilda’s proud mum Rebecca said: “Matilda felt very sorry for the tree because it was bare and bent at the top. So they decided that they would put a sign up and add decorations each day, in the hope that others would do the same.

“Matilda is so excited to see new decorations on the tree each time we pass! It’s lovely to see that so many people are getting involved. We’ve just been passed it now and the bare tree is now looking beautiful! We’re hoping to take ladders next time and put a tree topper on it!”

If you want to add some festive spirit to a little corner of Northfield, you can find Matilda’s tree on the corner of Church Road and Bunbury Road. Please send photo updates!



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