Resident Megan Evans has again designed Christmas cards depicting the Austin Village she loves. And this year, monies raised will go towards a special centenary celebration next May.

Lord Austin built the Austin Village to provide accommodation for an increasing workforce at the Longbridge car plant in the First World War. During the war years, the number employed at the plant increased almost tenfold as Austin was commissioned to build aircraft and engines, armoured cars, shells, ambulances, lorries and more to support the war effort.

The village mainly consists of 200 cedar wood bungalows – imported from Michigan, USA – arranged in a horseshoe shape. Originally, all the villagers’ needs were well catered for, with a village hall (now Northfield Conservative Club), a cinema, a steam laundry, two churches nearby, two schools, a resident police officer and access to medical care.

Originally intended as a temporary development on a temporary lease, the Austin Village is now registered with Birmingham City Council as a conservation area.

Next year sees the centenary of the village and the Austin Village Preservation Society are arranging celebrations. Megan, who is the society’s Events Co-ordinator, has designed the Christmas cards to help raise funds.

You can support their efforts by buying these pretty Christmas cards showing a festive village scene! But hurry! There are only a few left! Buy here




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