Students at a Longbridge college had road safety messages delivered to them by emergency services this morning, with a demonstration of a road traffic collision in the college car park. 

West Midlands Police, Fire and Ambulance Services reconstructed a crash scene outside Bournville College, allowing students to see them in action.

Earlier in the morning, road safety messages were delivered to students as part of a Crash Reduction Event.

West Midlands Police Sergeant Michael Dunbar who took part in the event said: “The roadshow is designed to deliver hard-hitting messages to young drivers by making them aware of their responsibilities on the road and the potentially fatal consequences of speeding or not paying attention while driving.

“The emergency services deal with a high number of road traffic collisions involving young people and we are doing all that we can to educate our youngsters – both drivers and passengers – in an attempt to drive down the number of tragedies on our roads.”

Thanks to Cllr Andy Cartwright and for images – click to enlarge



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