Are your home contents insured? Special rates for council tenants


Are you a Birmingham City Council tenant? Did you know you can get home contents insurance for less than £1 a week? 

At B31 Voices we often speak and offer advice to families who are not insured and are devastated by losses through burglary or fire. Some hadn’t got round to sorting out home insurance and some simply couldn’t afford it. It’s easy to put it off when you have lots of other pressures, but can leave you with nothing should the worst happen.

Cllr Andy Cartwright has informed us that Birmingham City Council have an arrangement with RSA Insurance, meaning council tenants can take out home insurance for as little as 83p a week, with no excess and weekly, monthly or annual payments.

Cllr Cartwright (Longbridge, Labour) said: “I often support families in distress after losing all their belongings, I can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure you’re insured. I urge all council tenants to make use of this scheme.”

If you are a council tennant, you can find details of the scheme on the Birmingham City Council website 

If you live in Longbridge ward and need any assistance or advice, you can contact Cllr Andy Cartwright. Alternatively, you can search for your councillors by ward. If you’re unsure what ward you live in, enter your postcode on My Local Information


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