Hundreds have lost water supply or pressure due to a burst water main in Longbridge Lane since around 4am this morning (Sunday 4th September).

Longbridge Lane is CLOSED near Turves Green / Coombes Lane while Severn Trent work on repair

They hope to finish today (4th September) and have road restored to normal for tomorrow.

Latest updates will appear first  


3:13pm Seven Trent: “We’re hearing reports that customers should be back on now.” Is it?

11.45am Joanne Whelan on Facebook says her supply has been restored in Willetts Road.

11.40am Latest update from Severn Trent Water: “We are experiencing engineering difficulties trying to move water around our network to restore as many supplies as possible while we undertake the repair. Again we’d like to apologise for any disruption this may cause and we are doing everything we can to restore supplies”

11.05am If you have an urgent / medical need, contact Severn Trent for assistance 0800 783 4444 or Tweet @stwater Please check on vulnerable/ elderly neighbours in case they need any help! 👍🏻

11am: Martyn Wentworth on Facebook says that Longbridge Lane closure is between Turves Green and Sunbury Road so please find an alternative route!

10.55am: Nikki Harvey on Facebook says: “Tower blocks on central avenue have no water.” And Gaynor Cosier notes: “Traffic all coming down Edenhurst.”

10.35am: Just heard from Severn Trent that “Unfortunately a lot more than 100 are going to be affected due to difficulties isolating the main. Apologies.”

10.25am: Severn Trent hoped that, once the burst was isolated, only 7 properties would be isolated. Unfortunately, there have been complications & 100 homes may be without any water while repairs carried out. Others may suffer loss of pressure.



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