A truck driver left the scene after a massive lorry full of waste became stuck in a Frankley ditch today.

The lorry full of waste had accessed land at the corner of Boleyn Road and Frankley Hill Lane (the old ‘RC Track’), where evidence of flytipping of similar waste was also visible.

When those in the lorry realised that they had fallen foul of a ditch which borders the land, with the truck’s back wheels stuck firmly in the trench, they made off from the scene.

Local residents documented the incident and informed Bromsgrove Council (as this land falls within their border) who have referred the case to Environmental Health officers for investigation.

The hire company who own the truck cab confirmed that it was on lease to a waste management company.

Longbridge Councillor Andy Cartwright said: “Frankley always seems to get targeted with this kind of thing. Frankley residents try to keep their community clean, with campaigns like Street Champions, this just isn’t fair on them. We need to give them support. This needs to be investigated and the culprits prosecuted. I will liaise with Cllr McDonald and Bromsgrove Council as needed.”

Cllr Peter McDonald (Labour, Rubery South) said: “The police and officers from Bromsgrove District Council are now involved. Hopefully the mess will be cleared up and prosecution’s will follow.

“It beggars belief that anyone would treat the local residents with such contempt and hopefully the offender gets their just desserts.”

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