Update 25th September: THEY DID IT!

Massive well done to: Rebecca Saunders, John Fothergill, Laura Hipkiss, Jenny Rouen, Lisa Davies, Michelle Green, Kate Lewis, Ann Wells – and a bonus Elaine Yardley!

At time of writing, the Vixens had raised just over £5400! You can still donate and help them smash their new £6000 target! Visit their Just Giving page


As a show of solidarity, members of the Vixen netball team are Braving the Shave as their much loved and respected captain Jen is undergoing chemotherapy.

JenMother of three Jen, individually let the team know on the 19th of August that she had been undergoing medical tests after finding a lump in her breast two weeks prior and it was confirmed that morning to be malignant.

The Vixens have been playing together for roughly 20 years in the Redditch League, division 2. The team consists of players from Longbridge, Rubery, Redditch, Bromsgrove, Wolverhampton and the event will take place at Rubery and Rednal Royal British Legion on Sunday 25th September at 6.30pm.

Vixens rollercoasterBy their own admission, they are all “completely nuts”, hence the photo of the team pretending to be riding on a rollercoaster everywhere they go!

But their quirky, fun loving attitude is not why they are are braving the shave. Their love for their captain, their love for their friend is why the decision to shave their hair in solidarity was an easy one.

Laura Hipkiss said “Jen is the strength of our team, the life and soul of every party, the heart of gold who is loving and caring to all, the voice of reason in a crisis (or an umpire dispute!)”

Jen is currently undergoing sessions of chemotherapy, the next session is when it is expected that she will lose her hair.

Lisa Davies who is getting married to number one team supporter Michelle Green in November said “Anyone who is a friend of Jen’s is lucky, she is the life and soul, she has a massive heart and is loved by many which has been reflected in the amount of money raised so far and donations given to our raffle. I have known Jen since we were kids. I love her like a sister, she IS family to me, and I haven’t hesitated along with the others in shaving our heads to support her. She’s amazing, her strength is inspiring.”

So put the date in your diary, (25th September at 6.30pm) and support this great cause and this great team if you can. They are also looking for raffle prizes for the event, so please get in touch if you can help.

You can read more about Jen and help them achieve their target by donating here

For more information about MacMillan Cancer support, visit their website.

Rubery & Rednal Royal British Legion - 64 New Road, Rubery,
Rubery & Rednal Royal British Legion – 64 New Road,

Cover photo from left to right: Rebecca Saunders, John Fothergill, Laura Hipkiss, Jenny Rouen, Lisa Davies, Emma Bench, Michelle Green, Kate Lewis and Ann Wells.


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