West Midlands Police have today released more images of motorbikes being ridden illegally in South West Birmingham in an attempt to identify the offenders.

The images show bikes being ridden along footpaths in public parks and next to children’s play areas. one of the images shows a man pulling wheelies along a footpath in Senneleys Park in Bartley Green.

West Midlands Police say that neighbourhood officers have spoken to parents and dog walkers who say they feel it is now unsafe to use some parks in the Bartley Green and Quinton area.

Now police have released the images, provided by members of the public, in an attempt to identify those responsible so action can be taken.

PC Heidi Kennedy said: “It is totally unacceptable for people to use local parks for off-road biking: it’s dangerous and a real noise nuisance. The parks should be relaxing, safe areas for people to spend time – they are not race tracks and people’s enjoyment of the parks is being ruined.”

She added: “We will look to issue warning notices to offenders – anyone ignoring the warning faces having their bike seized and crushed and a date in court.”

An image of a man riding an off-road bike with no registration plates in Overbury Road, Northfield, has also been released.

Anyone with any information on these or similar offences is asked to call West Midlands Police on 101

Click to enlarge images:


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