Work is underway to repair the huge water pipe that was damaged and caused flooding in Selly Oak on Thursday (7th July) evening.

Raddlebarn Road was flooded after a 42 inch in diameter water pipe on the old Selly Oak hospital site was damaged. The vast amount of water resulted in the closure of Raddlebarn Road whilst the water dispersed.

Seven Trent took quick action to isolate and resolve the severe leakage which also caused damage to a wall on the canalside.

20160709_132408 300The site took delivery of the replacement piece of pipe on Saturday (9th) and the work to replace the damaged section is now underway.

A spokesperson for Seven Trent said: “Our priority is always to make sure that our customers have a good quality water supply at all times, and […] we know that there were some customers with no supply or discoloured water, so we’ve moved water around our network of pipes to bring water into the area and get the supplies back on.  All customers have water now, and we’d like to say sorry to anyone who was affected.

“While the network is set up in a different way to normal, and in particular when we put the pipe back into service, some people may experience lower water pressure, or discoloured water.  This is due to the water moving through the pipe network much faster than normal or in a different way to normal and disturbing the harmless sediment that can sit at the bottom of the pipe.  Although unappealing, we have no reason to believe there is any risk to your health, however we understand that if you do experience discoloured water, while the supply is discoloured you may choose not to drink the water.

“If you have discoloured water, there are things that you can do to resolve the problem yourself.  Please do try this before you call us.

“Run the first mains fed cold water tap in your house, normally at the kitchen sink, at a gentle rate for up to 20 minutes. If the supply is not clear then turn off the tap for 20 minutes and then repeat the process, you may need to do this several times before the supply is clear.”



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