A local pest controller has featured in an exciting reality tv show, Deadliest Pest Down Under.

B2B65C91FC0E41E9B7AF589F95B32ED0-2Father of three, Craig Freeman from Kings Norton is the part owner of the Northfield based business, StopThatPest. In February of this year he returned back home after spending three months in Australia for the program.

The self proclaimed fun loving, hard working Birmingham lad who likes a laugh is no stranger to those creatures that at times can become a pest. If you have a problem with rats, mice, squirrels, wasps, ants, bees, cockroaches etc, Craig is your man – Australia is just warmer right?!

The programme has been aired on the TV channel Dave – the first 10 episodes are on catch up for you to watch now and there will be 10 more added in August.

We put some questions to the 38 year old contestant.

How did you hear about this program?

Craig “We were contacted through our website and the process of elimination begun, I was one of the lucky ones !!”

What was your scariest moment?

BCD8E2E91FAB4D26BE4F368928BB3BF4-2Craig “I had a few scary moments – as you may be aware, I don’t really like poisonous or venomous things.  Whilst filming, the scariest moments was trawling down a river that was so wide and full of crocs!  8 hours of filming being battered by mosquitos was unsettling. Off camera, eating fish put me in hospital where I had an anaphylactic shock and nearly died.”

What was your favourite moment?

Craig “I must admit I took a liking to Perth where I snorkelled. Also visiting the Whit Sunday Islands where Pirates of the Caribbean was made and snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef is a memory lodged in my head. Amazing place !!”


Would you fancy doing your job over there?

DC47B3CA23B1432389369E260A72860F-2Craig “I was offered jobs out there, but I have children here, so ultimately it’s not something I could consider.  I think it’s a safer bet to perform my work here, although socially Australia is an amazing place to go to visit or live.  I will definitely go back there at some point and know all the best places to go”

“The next 10 episodes are due to be screened in August and I hope everyone who has watched it so far gets as much pleasure as it gave me.

“I hope I have done the Brummies proud!!”




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