Tomorrow (Wednesday 27th of July) Mount Snowdon will be welcoming a remarkable man and his wonderful daughter to its summit.

Lisa “On Friday 8th July we were informed that my dad has a tumour in his throat.”

13672636_10153912493427568_808898197_nBob Evans and daughter Lisa from Kings Norton, will be doing the walk to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support, something that is close to their hearts having lost two close relatives to this indiscriminate disease.

With a summit of 1085 meters, Snowdon (Yr Wyddfa) is the highest mountain in Wales and England. It is quite the achievement for even the healthiest of individuals to reach the top, let alone when you’re living with a life limiting illness.

Lisa is desperately proud one of her 63-year-old father and is determined is to help him achieve his goal you. She describes Bob as always being a hard working man, a father who has always looked after their little family.

Please read a beautifully written and honest account by Bob’s daughter Lisa, at the bottom there is a link for you to donate and read more from Bob. Even if you choose not to donate, please do read in its entirety, a very heartfelt message.

Lisa Marie Evans – A Story from my heart….

“How often do we all say that there is not enough time in the day and that life is too short?

“For myself, I say it every day, in-between rushing between jobs and trying to care for my Nan who has health problems. I watch and often think that in time to come I will lose her and that my life will change immensely leaving a huge gap.

“I carry this thought with me every day as since I lost my Mom in 2010 to a brain haemorrhage, it gave me a lesson as to what is important in life. Looking so much like my Mom, I am often reminded what I have lost already and I won’t lie, it is hard.

“It seems life hasn’t quiet finished teaching me things, as since February I noticed something wasn’t quite right with my Dad and begged him to go to the doctors. Reluctantly after a while he went and that’s when things changed.

“On Friday 8th July we were informed that my dad has a tumour in his throat. The news took both of us by surprise and felt like we had been hit by a train. The emotions came flooding and all I wanted to know was what they were going to do about it.

“We had to wait for another appointment with a specialist team and this took place on Monday 18th July, just one week later after the first bombshell.”

Bob “It is much more extensive than first thought as it also involves my trachea and has already affected the lymph nodes in my neck & trachea. It’s now quite likely that my only option will be limited to palliative care”

“During this second appointment we were informed that the tumour looked more serious than first through. The consultant went through some options but said the words “this is palliative care”. Now having grown up around my Dad who used to work at the hospital, I instantly understood that meant I would lose him.

“I had promised myself I wouldn’t cry but unfortunately I broke that promise in a heartbeat and fell apart. So many emotions pain and fear ran through my veins.”

Bob “I’m sorry that this is harsh and not something you might want to read. It’s very harsh and not something I ever wanted to write……. We live in a real world and sometimes it can be a very cruel one”

“After a couple of days I knew I had to cope with this new reality in order to be strong for my Dad. I knew I had to understand it in my head and my heart and embrace what the future holds and navigate our way along this new journey.

Lisa and Bob“My dad decided he wants to walk up Mount Snowdon to raise money for Macmillan. I obviously said I will go with him, as I have already felt the support that Macmillan can deliver and they deserve every penny we can raise. I have thrown myself into trying to raise money for his JustGiving page to show that people are behind him.

“This post is not about me, although I have mentioned myself, I simply wanted to share a view point of another random human being on this planet. I would however like to ask for your support if possible? If you are able to raid the back of your sofas for any change you can spare towards this fight. Macmillan will need to help millions of people with cancer and one of them is my Dad.

“Macmillan will be the ones in addition to my family and friends who will help me cope moving forward. Every penny we can raise will help millions of people in the same boat. If you would prefer to donate via a sponsor form please get in touch with me.”

Donate and read more from Bob here.

Bob “So I’m asking yet again for your support – for your donations to Macmillan Cancer Support – not to me. I know that every single penny will be used to help many others and their loved ones and their families who also have their own ‘Mountain to Climb…'”

“I want you all to remember this:
It takes sadness to know happiness, noise to appreciate silence, absence to value presence and weakness to know how strong you are.

If possible I would appreciate if you could share this far and wide. Love to all
Lisa Evans xx”

Tomorrow morning, Lisa and Bob Will be making the journey to Wales to complete their fundraiser. We truly wish them the best of luck, B31 Voices is definitely #TeamEvans


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