Seven year old Brogan-Lei (aka Bat-Girl) from Bartley Green, is currently battling Meningitis at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

13580406_699030213581_1411319701938321979_o-3Brogan-Lei is the eldest of Amy and Craig’s four children and shortly after a much anticipated wedding on the 18th June, the families happiness took a bitter blow.

On 27th of June Brogan diagnosed with Meningitis and was rushed into the Intensive Care Unit at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital. She is currently responding well to treatment but still has a long way to go.

A fundraiser has been set up to raise money for a special day for Brogan and her family once she’s recovered. Also a percentage of funds raised will be donated to the Birmingham Children’s Hospital for the amazing work and support they do.

Brogan’s fundraising page – Superhero

UPDATES on Brogan’s progress will be below.

Update 16th August – by Lisa Reece

BroganEvent“We are in the final planning stages of our fun-day at Shenley Sports Centre in Selly Oak and we are still looking to secure a band/singer.”

“If anybody is interested in sparing an hour of their time, for a good cause, please contact me on

“If there is anybody who would like to or suggest/offer any other events or activities for the day, please also feel free to contact me!”

Update 2nd August – by Lisa Reece “I’ve been sitting on this exciting news for a couple of weeks now…”
“I contacted a graphic design and print company in Sutton Coldfield (who I have worked with recently) regarding the design of a superhero mascot for Brogan, since we all know she is superhero crazy!

“I sent a simple email to my contact Kelly, to enquire about a guide price so that we could begin using the mascot for our fundraising day and raising awareness of Brogan’s fund. I explained that Brogan was known as our superhero for the hard fight she has put up against Meningitis B and Septicaemia in recent weeks.

“Kelly came back to me within a couple of days, following conversations with her design team, and she announced that EDGE Creative Ltd would sponsor our cause and our fundraising event, which meant the design of the mascot, would be FREE OF CHARGE! This amazing, kind lady revealed that her own sister had sadly lost her life to Meningitis – and this was a cause close to her own heart.

“It really touched me that 1 – somebody would be kind enough to do this for us for nothing in return, and 2- Kelly had experienced this awful illness in her own family and had been through a really awful time – one I couldn’t imagine being faced with.

“I met with Kelly the following week and we discussed various ideas, colours, and names. I expressed how I didn’t want Brogan to look like any old superhero; this superhero had to represent this cheeky little girl in the present day, who was left with just her right foot and a fiery and funny attitude.

“Within a matter of days, an email landed in my inbox of a ‘draft’ design – and when I saw it, tears filled my eyes – but I was super happy. The so called ‘draft’ was absolutely awesome – and I didn’t want to change a thing about it – everything I wanted was captured.

“As you can see, BLAZE is Brogan’s superhero name – as she blazes through the sky on her jet pack, one strapped to her right boot and one in place of her left foot. The colours on Brogan’s superhero suit represent one of her favourite colours (blue) and the Meningitis Research Foundation (purple), who have had many kind words for Amy & Craig throughout these difficult days. They have shown their support, not only to Brogan but to millions of other sufferers, and we can’t thank them enough.

“I went to visit Brogan yesterday at the Birmingham Children’s Hospital after her fun day out with her family, and I let her see BLAZE. She said it was “coooooooooooooool” – I think we got her approval ;).

“Amy & Craig also think it’s awesome and have asked me to thank Kelly personally – so THANK YOU Kelly (and the design team) for creating something special for Brogan and for all of us to promote our fundraising. EDGE Creative Ltd

“So I’d like you to join me in sharing our official superhero with the world – please make this picture your Facebook cover photo and you’ll be seeing more of her in the coming weeks. And not forgetting, at our fantastic fundraising day, Sunday September 18th!”

Update 25th July – by Lisa Reece “On Thursday, Brogan-Lei had reconstruction surgery to her left leg to essentially ‘tidy-up’ the wound where her foot has been amputated. She is doing really well considering the amount of stress her little body has been under and her happy and care-free personality is beginning to return.

Brogan02“Birmingham Children’s Hospital have provided Brogan with a custom fit wheelchair which will enable her to get around while she waits for her leg to heal, and prosthesis to me made, giving her a bit of freedom. Over the weekend, Craig took her outside to take advantage of the lovely weather and get away from the hospital bed she has been confined to for more than a month, she was clearly very happy with her new chair (see picture)!

“Birmingham City Council are working with Amy & Craig to find a suitable property so that Brogan can return to living a normal life, with access to the outdoors.

“*Brogan’s Fundraising Day – Sunday 18th September – 2pm – 8pm*
We recently communicated that we will be holding a fundraising day at the Shenley Lane Sports Centre, where Amy & Craig held their wedding reception. The day will consist of a 5 A Side competition and lots of fun fundraising activities.

“Lots of businesses have kindly donated their services and lots of lovely raffle prizes, for which we are very grateful! But while we have the basics sorted, we still need lots of help in pulling the day together. We are currently trying to organise a bouncy castle, entertainment for children during the day and DJ / Band for the evening.
If you think you can help us, please email me on”

Update 19th July – by Lisa Reece “We’d like to officially announce that on Sunday 18th September, we will be holding a fundraising day in aid of Brogan’s Fund at the Shenley Lane Sports Centre. The venue holds lots of nice memories for Amy, Craig and the children as it’s where their wedding reception was held.

“We will be making a day of it… we’ll have a BBQ, amazing prizes, and lots of fun activities for the entire family!

“We’re in the process of confirming players, so if you would like to play for one of the teams, please get in touch and we will add you to the list.”

Update 19th July – by Lisa Reece “Today saw yet another operation for our little Brogan and unfortunately, the remainder of her left foot has been amputated, following a lengthy operation.

“This is just the beginning of yet another long process for Brogan, who will have to endure years of operations to manipulate the bones in her legs and keep her comfortable while she continues to grow into a beautiful young lady.

“Parents Amy & Craig have been informed that prosthetics that can be fitted to the ankle bone are much more successful in providing a comfortable and somewhat simpler way for amputees to walk. So, we hope that this is a move in the right direction for Brogan’s continuing recovery and ability to walk and manoeuvre like she used to.

“After surviving on adrenalin and not much else, these last two weeks have brought everything to realisation for Amy & Craig after Brogan’s surgery. With three additional children, juggling hospital visits, trips home, school runs and lengthy operations, everyday life isn’t as easy at it once was and their lives have been turned upside down.”

Update 19th July – by Lisa Reece “When Brogan found out about her fund money, Amy & Craig asked Brogan where she would like to go for her special day out.
Her reply was ‘Smyths’ (the toy store, lol!)
So, I thought it would be rude not to fulfil her one wish…
I have been in touch with Smyths and they have offered Brogan and her siblings a private 1 hour shopping experience in the Castle Vale store, for when Brogan is well enough to attend.

Well done Smyths, I think somebody is going to be very happy!”

Update 14th July – by Lisa Reece “Brogan had another operation yesterday which resulted in additional skin grafts.”

Brogan03Update 13th July – by Lisa Reece “When I visited Brogan in hospital last week, she mentioned that she wanted a carvery, as it was her favourite dinner, and wasn’t particularly enjoying her hospital meals. We had looked online and for restaurants near the BCH to see if we could find somewhere to buy one for her – but to no avail.

“So, yesterday I took to social media to see if anybody could recommend anywhere at all, near to the hospital, where I could pick one up to make sure it was still fresh and hot when she received it. Lots of people shared the post and added their suggestions.

“A friend of Brogan’s parents shared the post to several carvery establishments in Birmingham and one of them responded to us!

“A lovely lady from the media team at Toby Carvery put me in touch with the Hall Green Manager, Steve. Steve called me and informed me that they would love to help us out and deliver a carvery for Brogan, in the comfort of her hospital bed.

“So here’s a photo of Brogan enjoying her dinner…

“A lovely gesture from Toby Carvery, giving our Superhero a meal fit for Superman!

“Thank you again, Toby Carvery, you made our day.”

Update 12th July – by Lisa Reece “As you all know, Brogan had her first operation on Friday, which took a whopping six hours!

“During the operation surgeons removed a lot of the dead tissue in her legs – which was a result of the septicemia – this helps to stop any further infection. They also noticed that some of the tissue was in a better condition than they initially expected surrounding her foot.

“So, although we updated that the surgery went well, the first operation didn’t go as we expected; the surgeons cleaned up her legs as much as possible and didn’t perform the amputation.

“Today, Brogan went for the second part of her operation, where surgeons inspected the condition and progress of her legs and foot. Brogan has now had half of her left foot amputated. Surgeons have left it open so that they can take more as they need to, as well as re-use as much of the skin as possible for her skin grafts. Another operation is scheduled for Wednesday, initially to perform the skin grafts – but following a check of her foot, it may mean some more of her foot is also taken away.”

Update 9th July – by Lisa Reece “Brogan’s surgery went well today and another operation is scheduled for Monday.”

Update 7th July – by Lisa Reece “Our brave little Brogan-Lei will have her amputation tomorrow”

Update 6th July – by Lisa Reece “Following our target-breaking high last night, we received some devastating news. Because of the extent of the damage to Brogan’s left foot, doctor’s broke the news to Amy & Craig that she will need to have it amputated after all, rather than just her toes. Life is so cruel”

Update 4th July: Message from Brogan :)

UPDATE 1st July – by Lisa Reece‎

“Today we have had some news regarding Brogan’s foot. As you know, initially, Amy & Craig faced the possibility of Brogan losing her foot, and maybe even her leg – every parent’s worst nightmare.

“While news this morning is a little more positive, unfortunately it has been confirmed that Brogan-Lei will lose the toes on one of her little feet. An operation is expected to go ahead next week after doctors have monitored her progress and made sure there is no further loss or associated complications.

“The worst thing is, Brogan-Lei has no idea of how her life is going to change as she is still under heavy sedation. We are expecting her to wake over the weekend as the sedatives are slowly reduced and we can begin to see that cheeky character again.
While it’s going to break her heart, I’m sure she will understand how amazing the staff at Birmingham Children’s Hospital have been, and how they’ve saved her life. Brogan’s life is going to turn upside down for a long while and she will need a lot of support and love over the coming months, especially when she can attempt walking again.

“We can’t wait to let her know about all the fundraising and the sheer generosity of the people who know and love her. (And even the one’s who don’t!) The funding page has currently had 2354 visits, 614 Facebook shares and a whopping 101 donations – bringing us up to £1418 (01/07/16 @ 9.40am)

“LET’S PUSH THE FUND OVER THE EDGE!!!! Can we raise £3000? Let’s make sure Amy, Craig, Brogan, and her siblings Niabhy, Harloe and Nualah receive as much support as possible! Take Brogan viral.”




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