On the 7th July 2010, we launched ‘B31 Blog’ hoping to record some things that were going on close to our home at Hollymoor, Northfield.

View our very first entry!

B31 Voices is a little different now to how it originated. Over the past years we have:

  • our reach has naturally expanded from a small housing estate on the fringes of the city to the majority of the south west corner of Birmingham
  • reported on everything from lost or injured animals to murders to elections
  • shared crowd-sourced information for features such as #B31SnowWatch and ☔️ #‎B31Rainwatch
  • supported residents, local groups and businesses with #B31CrowdSource #B31SupportingLocal an events calendar and a directory.
  • helped local community campaigners
  • live-blogged events
  • developed invaluable links within the community
  • supported local people privately, with help, advice and signposting to relevant services
  • grown as a community resource
  • promoted the positive with #PositiveB31

None of this would have been possible without YOU! Every share, like, contribution, mention, retweet, referral, comment, donation, has helped B31 Voices grown into the community and resource that it is today.

Happy 6th Birthday to us all!


Photo by https://flic.kr/p/8FRw2h



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