A teenage boy was injured last night when the mini motorbike he was riding collided with a car in Northfield.

The lad was involved in the collision in Tessall Lane, close to the Farren Road junction at around 11pm last night, Sunday 5th June.

The road was closed for some time following the accident, which left the car involved with a smashed windscreen. An ambulance, a paramedic area support officer and a MERIT trauma doctor attended the scene and the boy was transferred to Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokeswoman said: “Upon assessment by ambulance staff, the boy was found with nasty leg injuries as well as gravel rash to his arms, shoulder and back. His wounds were treated and he was given pain relief before he was immobilised and taken to Birmingham Children’s Hospital for further assessment and treatment.”

The spokeswoman stressed the importance of protective clothing for motorcyclists, saying: “Whilst it was reassuring that that boy was protected with a helmet, his other injuries could’ve been minimised if he’d been wearing suitable protective clothing such as leathers or kevlar, boots and gloves.”

Image: West Midlands Ambulance Service


  1. I’m surprised that we don’t hear of more accidents like this. I live on Trescott road but sometimes I feel like it must be a racing track. The motorbikes power up and down the road racing each other at ridiculous speeds despite the 20mph speed limit. Some of them aren’t registered, some are without helmets…It’s only a matter of time before a disaster will happen.

    • Hi Hun I’m living on the trescott road also and believe in what your saying.. The parents couldn’t care less and some of these kids ride up and down without wearing helmets it’s absolutely ridiculous and when I approached them they just give you aloud of verbal whilst there you fr siblings stand on the side of the road taking pictures also recording it all.. Total brainless idiotic people

  2. So much for “zero tolerance” from our Police! Rather than deal with crime at an age where a good “b******ing” for both yob and its parent would be effective, they wait until these idiots have grown up, got bored with minor criminal activity and moved onto the big stuff, by which time they are hardened thugs and their parents are terrified of them.

    How old was this “boy”? Maybe he should have been tucked up in bed at 11.00pm or preparing for school/college the next morning, not out causing trouble for poor motorists, trying to go about their business.

  3. 1. The child shouldn’t be out late. 2. Mini motorcycles are not permitted on roads as they do not have tax, insurance or lights. 3. Arrest the parents and do them by putting 6 points on their driving licence for being stupid enough to let their kid do it in the first place.

    [Edited profanity]


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