Planning permission granted for controversial Kings Norton children’s home

Some residents had raised objections to proposals in leafy Wychall Lane


Planning permission has today been granted for a children’s care home in Kings Norton (Thursday 9th June).

Some residents and local politicians had raised objections to the proposed change of usage of a large detached private residence in leafy Wychall Lane to a children’s residential facility. A public meeting with a representative from Meadows Care was held last month.

Meadows Care propose to convert the home into a residence for four young people aged between 10 and 14 and two carers. The company would run the home under contract with Birmingham City Council.

It is envisioned that the facility will operate like a family home, with day to day tasks and responsibilities being shared between the young people and carers.

Objections raised included concerns that most of the residents of the street are in their later years and that having children there would not fit the demographic of the area.

At the planning committee meeting this morning, Cllr Gareth Moore expressed a concern that introducing one care home to an area may start a chain reaction, with more being requested.

Area Planning Officer Simon Turner stated that it appeared there was a good mixed demographic in the area and there were local schools nearby. He noted that any possible future change of use applications could be discussed in the same way and each individual application and their possible cumulative effects assessed on their own merit.

The committee voted to approve the application, with just two councillors voting against.


  1. I am glad the local council can find money to help this project as the local community centres in the area get no help now as we are told no money is available.
    But I suddenly realised it is kings Norton we are talking about so the council will help just like the library


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