Richard Burden is one the latest to join the ever increasing number of Labour MPs to resign their ministerial positions after last week’s EU referendum result.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 18.15.46In and email to supporters, Richard Burden said: “I have done so with a heavy heart. Jeremy is a friend and someone who I have worked with for many years. However, I hope the attached letter of resignation sets out why I believe the current situation has become untenable and cannot be allowed to continue any longer.”

You can read the letter of resignation to Jeremy Corbyn in full here


  1. i voted for Richard Burden at the election and voted for remain,the last thing i expect is that the mp’s of the Parliamentary labour party LP try to remove the democratically elected leader because they want someone different. Especially now over brexit,especially when many of them, failed to convince their constituents to remain themselves. I’d never heard of Corbyn before he was up for election, he was miles better than the others running though,who seemed happy with talking to themselves with no belief in anything,ho hope or vision beyond the status quo.
    Jeremy Corbyn was and is different and actually connected with labour members and young voters,and although i don’t agree with all his proposals,he at least has policies,many that are popular,and he easily won the election to become the leader by a huge margin.
    He proposes to scrap university student loans and replaced by maintenance grants
    He proposes a fully integrated health and social care with an end to privatization of the NHS.
    He proposes to reinstall the 50p tax rate for those who earn more than £150,000,
    He proposes stronger anti avoidance rules into UK tax law.
    He proposes scrapping plans for the trident nuclear replacement,freeing up billions of pounds.
    He proposes private rents to be linked to local average earning levels
    He’s proposes rail nationalization,
    He’s proposes peoples quantitative easing for infrastructure projects,ie schools,roads and house building instead of bailing out bankers

    also with the Chilcot Iraq inquiry set to be published I’m also reminded that he wouldn’t mind Tony Blair being tried for starting an illegal war on a false prospectus.

    good luck to Jeremy Corbyn,i hope the plotters get deselected, with their secret ballots and tv tours to air their dirty linen they are a disgrace to the labour party and democracy. it’s just a shame they don’t put the same effort in fighting the opposition as they have fighting the democratically elected leader and their members.

  2. Any chance of you joining Sarah Champion and rescind your resignation as Labour Shadow Minister Mr Burden? we need MP’s like you to fight the Tory policies not each other.

    I’d also like to thank you for voting against trident renewal.


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