Developers and current owners have applied to Birmingham City Council to demolish an historic Rubery pub.

Built in 1811, The Cock Inn in Rubery Lane is the oldest pub in Rubery. It has been vacant for around two years and is sadly falling into a state of disrepair.

It is said that the RAF were billeted at The Cock Inn during WWII and operated barrage balloons at Rubery Quarry, to protect the factories in Longbridge.

Now developers Malvern Estates PLC, alongside Unique Pub Properties PLC, are seeking permission to develop the former coaching inn as part of a proposed housing development. The development would consist of 8 detached and 4 semi-detached homes with a private access drive running adjacent to Rubery Lane.

Councillor Andy Cartwright (Longbridge, Labour) indicated his support for redevelopment of the site, saying: “Local residents, Cllr Carole Griffiths, and myself welcome the regeneration of the Cock Pub. It has been neglected over the years, with travellers accessing the site on a regular basis. Development would help tackle anti-social behaviour at the site.”

However, Longbridge Councillor Ian Cruise (Independent) expressed his disappointment at the proposals. He said: “The Cock Inn has been part of our local area since it was built in 1811.  The decision by Malvern & Unique to submit the application is both short sighted and an attack on the heritage of the local area. What disappoints me more is the decision of Birmingham City Council Planning Department to accept the application.

Cllr Cruise added that, if the building was unable to continue to be used as a pub, developers should respect local heritage and look at the possibility of a development including the retention of the building as apartments.

Cllr Cruise said: “In my opinion the pub was purposely kept closed by the owners for 2 years so there was no other option for them but to demolish it for the purposes of housing. I shall be submitting an objection to the application to Birmingham City Council Planning Department & will work together with local residents and other local elected members to stop the demolition of this historic local building taking place.”

To view the plans and submit your views, visit Birmingham City Council Planning Online Application number: 2016/03617/PA Consultation closes 14th July 2016

Tell us know your memories of the Cock Inn. Old photos would be great to see!


  1. Started going to this pub in 1978 and learnt how to play dominoes there and met some great local characters. Most of these are still my friends. Was a great place to socialise and looked forward yo the events and charities we donated to. Such a shame that it’s going to be flattened.

  2. I remember my dad doing a charity football match there one Xmas the men all wore women’s cloths but can’t remember what year this was.

  3. As usually happens, the people living closest are the last to hear anything. Our house backs onto the Cock Pub and we didn’t think it could be demolished as there are bats in the loft which are a protected species. More housing?? Just what we need overlooking our houses!

    • A bat study has been done by an independent ecology team and none were found. The full report is on the planning application link under ‘Associated documents’

  4. I read somewhere the pub is haunted!

    Historian Richard Felix (of “Most Haunted” fame), actually did a ghost-hunting vigil at the pub in 2001/2 I think.

    Sad to see the pub go, but to be honest it has become a magnet for antisocial behaviour, as well as a car park for joy riders/boy racers and Travellers.

    Housing would be a sensible option I suppose


    • True enough. But the problem with that particular area of Rubery is that it does attract antisocial behaviour, even when the pub was open for business.

      When it closed for a time, the carpark was occupied by Travellers for a couple of weeks. And even now I do sometimes see small groups of teenagers on their bikes (and motorbikes) gather in the same disused/blocked off carpark, late at night!

      As much as I would welcome some greenery in the area (especially given the number of recently built housing developments both in this neck of the woods and nearby Frankley), I would much prefer that area redeveloped with decent housing, as that would deter such antisocial behaviour again.


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