For the 5th year running, the artistic brilliance and hard work of a talented team won Gold at the Chelsea Flower Show.

The team from Birmingham City Council Parks did it again and achieved Gold at the Chelsea Flower Show this year in the Floral category, with an ambitious and visually exciting display that celebrates the work of local artist Willard Wigan and grass root sport.

You can watch a small video below of the ‘One Small Step’ display below – contains photos – video footage and audio, so please make sure your sound is on.

Head of Parks for Birmingham City Council, Darren Share MBE, said: “It is wonderful to bring home another Gold for Birmingham and I’d like to thank Willard Wigan for working with us on this incredible design. I’d also like to thank the team who have again demonstrated their skills combining structural elements with beautiful plants grown in the city’s nurseries and hot house. Through this now award winning design we have been able to shine a light on Birmingham’s creativity.

“I hope people will travel to Chelsea to see our display, however it will be recreated in Cannon Hill Park alongside an exhibition of Willard’s work at the Midland Arts Centre throughout June.”

You can read more about the display on our previous article Cofton Nursery staff take ‘One Small Step’ to Chelsea Flower Show

Featured image by Darren Share MBE


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