Teachers of Kings Norton Boys School today responded to what they believe to be an unfair selection of staff for redundancy.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 21.01.43The teachers’ union NASUWT, decided on strike action after talks to find a solution broke down when proposals were rejected.

A number of supporters endured the rain and gathered at the gates to visually protest against the school’s method of redundancy selection.

Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT, said: “We have made every effort to secure an agreed way forward through genuine negotiation, but deep concerns remain about the redundancy proposals.

“The teachers at Kings Norton Boys School are all dedicated and committed members of staff, who just want to offer the best education for the children and young people at the school.

“Job loss of teachers affects the provision of education and we hope parents and the public will understand this cannot simply be allowed to go ahead unchallenged. It is deeply regrettable that disruption will be caused to pupils and parents.

“The NASUWT is more than willing to continue negotiations and urges the school to engage seriously with us to resolve this issue.”

Anne Brimacombe, NASUWT National Executive Member for Birmingham, said: “Teachers at Kings Norton Boys School are reluctant to strike, however the employer has not accepted the reasonable alternative solutions put forward by our members to avert strike action.

“NASUWT members have lost confidence in this process of selection of staff for redundancy.

“Given that 13 staff members are now leaving due to voluntary redundancy or securing other employment, and up to six new posts are likely to be advertised, there is clearly no need for further redundancy selection process at this stage.

“The NASUWT continues to remain committed to further negotiations to seek to resolve the issues.”


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