Following a recent public consultation, the Local Government Boundary Commission have made amendments to the proposed boundary changes for Birmingham.

Boundary amendments

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 20.09.55A number of concerns submitted to the consultation have been addressed and some slight boundary revisions have been made accordingly. One revision sees Northfield Shopping Centre and part of Victoria Common placed back into a smaller Northfield ward. The draft proposal had placed both in the Bournville & Cotteridge ward. Under the newest proposals, The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital, St Laurence Schools and the YMCA would no longer be in Northfield ward.

Ward names saved

As a result of the feedback received, several of the proposed ward names have changed. Some, such as West Heath North, to better reflect the communities included and others to maintain historic ward names, such as Longbridge and Selly Oak.

Full details of all the changes to proposed ward names and boundaries below

Reduced number of councillors

Northfield District currently has twelve councillors, with four wards – Northfield, Longbridge, Kings Norton and Weoley – each having three councillors on the city council.

Proposals would see the creation of 9 smaller wards, 8 with a single councillor with a newly boundaried Weoley & Selly Oak ward having two – 10 councillors in total across the district.

Why change?

The boundary review is taking place after a recommendation by the Kerslake Review into the performance of Birmingham City Council. It is suggested that smaller wards with a single councillor (or in some cases two) representing for four years would provide better consistency and stability in local governance.

The independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England is asking people across Birmingham to comment on the amendments it has made to its draft proposals.

Final recommendations will be made in September 2016 with boundary changed being implemented in 2018.

Have your say

You can see the proposals and submit your views on the Local Government Boundary Commission’s website

Current wards in Northfield District (each with 3 councillors):

  • Kings Norton
  • Longbridge
  • Northfield
  • Weoley

Proposed wards in Northfield District with proposed changes (number of councillors in brackets):

  • Allens Cross (1) – No changes to original proposals
  • Frankley Great Park (1) – Name changed from originally proposed ‘Frankley’ ward, to better reflect the area covered. No change to proposed boundaries.
  • Kings Norton North (1) – Name changed to fit with proposed renaming of Hawkesley ward. In newest proposals, boundary changed slightly to include Kings Park West.
  • Kings Norton South (1) – After comments received, name of originally proposed ‘Hawkesley’ ward changed to Kings Norton South. No proposed changes to original boundary proposals.
  • Longbridge & Rubery Rednal (1) – Name changed from Rubery & Rednal, to include the historic ward name of Longbridge. Slight boundary change to include new Longbridge development at both sides of Devon Way.
  • Northfield (1) – Proposed name now ‘Northfield’ rather than originally proposed ‘Northfield West’. The updated boundary proposal includes part of Victoria Common and all of Northfield Shopping Centre.
  • Weoley & Selly Oak (2) – Name changed to include historic ward name of Selly Oak. Slight boundary change from original proposal, placing the north-western boundary along Storehouse Lane.
  • West Heath North (1) – Name changed from ‘Northfield East’ to better reflect the community and area. No changes to proposed boundaries.
  • West Heath South (1) – Originally proposed as ‘West Heath’, name altered to fit with the new proposal for a ‘West Heath North’ ward. In newest proposals, boundary changed slightly to move Kings Park West into Kings Norton South ward.

Have your say

You can see the proposals and submit your views on the Local Government Boundary Commission’s website

Alternatively, you can write to:

The Review Officer (Birmingham)
14th floor, Millbank Tower

Or Email:

The consultation closes on 20th June 2016


  1. I submitted a long objection to lgbc… what did they do ignore it. its a done deal by the suites from London. there objective is mathmatice 1 Cllr = 7000 voters.
    yes they will give up a few minor things e.g changing a name, moving the odd road but that’s about it unless loads complain.. So allens cross ward here I come. I shan’t vote again I have been disenfranchised.

  2. not democratic is it. People say they don’t want it and lgbc fob us off with token change…alter a name here a road there but cut back on our democracy… if this was really democratic we would have more councillors representing smaller areas. LGBC say 1 Cllr 7000 voters errr why? in large parst of the country its 1 Cllr per 4000 voters.
    deeply cynical of this whole part of the “kerslake ” review. I feel we are being manipulated by London.

  3. Anything which cuts down on the number of councillors costing me more council tax that can be spent on services has to be a good thing.


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