A man has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for the murder of his long term partner at her home in Bartley Green last year. 

Desmond Thomas
Desmond Thomas

Laura Holden, 35, was killed at her home in Monmouth Road in August last year, by her ‘on/off’ partner of 19 years, Desmond Thomas, 52, from Newtown. She was found drowned in the bath by her sister and 17 year old daughter after an argument with Thomas.

Thomas had refused to accept that their relationship was over after Laura had met someone else.

After they argued, Thomas left the house, telling his 9 year old son not to go in the bathroom.

Thomas was found by police a short time later, having attempted to take his own life. Following hospital treatment, he was arrested.

'Beautiful' LauraIn a statement, Laura’s family said: “We take some comfort in the sentence passed today although it will be nothing like the life sentence we now have to live with. Our beautiful daughter, mother, sister, auntie, cousin and friend can only live in our memories now. There are no words to describe the horror we have had to go through over the past months and I hope none of you ever have to experience it.

“We will go on with our lives because we have to but there will forever be that void where Laura should be. We would like to thank the police, our homicide case worker and our barrister Mr Price for their hard work and support throughout this ordeal. We thank the press for respecting our privacy and politely ask they continue to do so, so we can start to rebuild our broken lives.”

West Midlands Police Detective Inspector Warren Hines said: “This has been a truly horrific time for Laura’s family who are struggling to come to terms with what has happened to them and I cannot imagine the sense of loss they feel. I hope the sentence will be of some comfort to them and help them rebuild their lives.”

Rest in peace, Laura. Our thoughts are with her family. 


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