An internationally acclaimed environmentalist, head of a Kings Norton based company, has received a Lord Mayor’s Award in Birmingham this week.

Every year the Lord Mayor of Birmingham invites nominations for the Lord Mayor’s Awards and this year they were given to: broadcaster Ed Doolan, charity worker Kim Douglas, environmentalist Peter Laybourn and musician Jeff Lynne.

photo-7Peter Laybourn, Chief Executive of Kings Norton Business Centre based International Synergies, received an award for outstanding achievement and exceptional service to the city of Birmingham and its people for his internationally recognised work on ‘industrial symbiosis’.

Peter moved to Birmingham in the 90s and established the National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (NISP), a cross-sector industrial network where environmental experts identify ways in which underused or wasted resources from one company can be recovered and reused by another.

The programme has brought significant economic and environmental benefits to the city since it was first piloted in 2002.

Having proven the value and success of NISP in Birmingham, Peter has since gone on to implement replica projects around the world, and inspired individuals and organisations, many of whom have made official missions/visits to the city to understand more about the programme model.

Peter is a regular keynote speaker at prestigious industrial events – most recently at the G7 Alliance on Resource Efficiency 2015 event on industrial symbiosis, which took place here in Birmingham as a direct result of Peter’s influence and the city being known as the home of NISP.

On receiving the award, Peter said: “It is such an honour to receive the Lord Mayor’s Award. Although originally from the North East, Birmingham has been my home for almost 20 years now.  I was drawn to the city because of its rich and diverse industrial heritage and demographic, making it an ideal location to establish NISP.”

Peter recognised the efforts of his work colleagues and local businesses in making NISP a success, saying: “I owe particular thanks to all those businesses in the region who have supported NISP over the years and helped to make it the globally recognised model that it is today.  I would like to particularly thank Steve McCabe, MP, and Sandy Taylor (former head of Sustainability at Birmingham City Council) for nominating me for the award and my work colleagues for whom this award is equally merited.”

photo-8Outgoing Lord Mayor, Cllr Raymond Hassall, said: “Ed, Kim, Peter and Jeff are worthy recipients, having given exceptional service through broadcasting and championing the people, saving children’s lives, protecting the environment and promoting the city.

“In giving these awards I want to highlight the various ways that people in Birmingham serve their community and the city.  They are an inspiration to us all.”

Anyone wishing to nominate someone for an award next year should visit



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