As part of our coverage of 2016 local elections, we have invited all candidates from Northfield district – Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield and Weoley wards – to send in 500 Words describing themselves and their campaign.

Some words from Carole Griffiths, Labour candidate for Longbridge ward:


carolegriffithsI am very proud to be part of the Longbridge Labour team alongside Cllr Andy Cartwright. Together we ensure that Longbridge is given a voice. I have a grown up family and I am a qualified nurse but now work in the community with people of all ages from all walks of life.  Volunteering in Longbridge Ward with individuals/families that need advice and guidance, I utilise my experience and transferable skills as a nurse and community worker to support families/individuals in the area. I enjoy working in the Longbridge ward that covers Rubery, Rednal, Frankley and Longbridge alongside Cllr Andy Cartwright.  We have worked on many issues that residents contact us with or come across whilst carrying out environmental walks.  Issues that have been highlighted within the Ward are :-

  • Dangerous and inconsiderate car parking around residential areas close to schools and college.
  • Wheelie bin issues.  These have been taken up and many we can confirm have been resolved.
  • Fly tipping including the Egg Hill Estate, key areas have been identified and reported.
  • Speeding issues following our roaming surgery many areas raised their fears for speeding.
  • Police cuts in Longbridge Ward have already started to impact we will fight to keep our 999 services.
  • Continue to inform, engage and update local residents & the community in relation to a developer’s plans for North Worcester Golf Course, which the community has asked us to oppose.
  • Traffic around Longbridge Town.  Following the petition I handed in, I organised a meeting with Highways officers, after which funding was  found to improve these issues for Longbridge residents.

Over the past few years our Labour team have linked up the new businesses moving in with local people to ensure employment opportunities.  This has been very successful. We will continue to do so.

Please vote for me so I can continue to work alongside the Labour team in Longbridge Ward, working hard for you.

Your concerns are our concerns


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