West Midlands Police have released a dash cam video from an accident that happened in Melchett Road, Kings Norton earlier this week, to raise awareness of road safety.

The video shows the moment a pedestrian steps from behind a parked van to cross the road and collides with a moving van, who had no time to react and stop.

Luckily, in this instance, the pedestrian only suffered minor injuries.

West Midlands Police say:

“We would advise everyone to avoid crossing between parked vehicles wherever possible, however, if there is nowhere else to cross:

  • Find a place where there is plenty of space between two cars
  • Check that neither car is about to move – look out for drivers in the cars, lights and engines
  • Don’t cross near large vehicles, you’re more likely to be in a blind spot where drivers cannot see you
  • Walk to the outside edge of the cars and wait here, so that you can be seen by drivers and you can look around for traffic
  • Use the green cross code- stop, look and listen



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