Labour had a clean sweep in Northfield district in yesterday’s local election, holding on to Kings Norton, Longbridge and Northfield wards, as well as winning Weoley from the Tories.

City Council leader John Clancy on securing wins in Northfield District

bccseats16The Tories were snapping at Labour’s heels in all four wards.

UKIP took third places across Northfield district but were still some way behind the two traditional front runners, their best result being 22.5% of the vote in Longbridge ward.

Labour retained majority control of Birmingham City Council from a slightly stronger position, gaining two seats – Weoley from the Conservatives and Springfield from the Liberal Democrats.

Kings Norton ward

KingsNorton16Cllr Val Seabright was up for re-election in Kings Norton, her main opponent being former councillor for the ward, Barbara Wood of the Conservative Party.

Cllr Seabright secured just under 39% of the vote, beating Mrs Wood with a slim majority of just 23 votes to keep her seat.

UKIP took around 15% of the poll with the Lib Dems and Greens trailing.

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Longbridge ward

Longbridge16With existing Labour councillor, Jess Phillips, not standing for re-election, as she now represents Birmingham Yardley in Parliament, the party fielded Carole Griffiths as their candidate in Longbridge.

Griffiths took the seat with just under 40% of the vote and a majority of 437.

Tory candidate Dan Caldicott secured just under 30% of the vote. Representatives from the Liberal Democrats, Green Party and TUSC were beaten by UKIP candidate Kevin Morris, who took 22.5% of the vote.

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Northfield ward

Northfield16Cllr Brett O’Reilly retained his seat after receiving around 39% of the vote.

Former Tory councillor and cabinet member, Les Lawrence was just 185 votes behind, taking just under 36% of the poll.

UKIP, once again, came in third with 12.8% of votes.

The Green Party had their best result of the district in Northfield ward, with Fiona Hunan securing just under 10% of votes polled.

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Weoley ward

Weoley16Eddie Freeman (Conservative) lost his council seat of 8 years to newcomer Julie Johnson in an important gain for Labour, one of two in the city. The Tories’ only loss on the night

Johnson secured 40.71% of the vote, a majority of 182 over Eddie Freeman.

Again, UKIP took third spot ahead of the Lib Dems and Greens, with 14.16% of the poll.

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Low turnout

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 15.53.06There was a poor turnout – average 31.9% – at the polls across the city, with Northfield District being below the citywide average with a turnout of 28.9%

The lowest turnout in the district was in Longbridge, where just 24.5% of the electorate turned out – the 4th lowest turn out in the city.

Bournville ward, with a vacant seat to fill, had the highest turn out in the city with 42.3% of registered voters casting a vote.



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