What should go on the Longbridge island on the A38 has been a topic of discussion for a long time now – the only consensus is that everyone wants something that represents the area.  

Birmingham City Council today announced that, as a mark of solidarity with the Chinese owners of the neighbouring car plant and a symbol of the future, a 150 foot Nelson’s Column-esque plinth will be erected in the centre of the island, at the junction of Bristol Road South and Lickey Road.

Maintaining local heritage, the magnificent column will be constructed from old bricks that were used to test the window safety of the cars manufactured at Longbridge during the 80s. On top of eye-wateringly majestic pillar will stand a glorious 18 foot golden rat that will be seen for miles.

Artist’s impression

The rat is very poignant – in the Chinese zodiac, the rat symbolises wisdom. A Chinese saying: “Wisdom without industriousness leads to triviality.” In other words, should never have trusted the Phoenix group!

A local councillor said: “Well, I luv Lungbridge I do, yow knaw I luv rats too and as lung as the community luv it then I’m appy because I luv Lungbridge I do.”

A spokesman for Birmingham City Council said they had considered all the animals in the Chinese zodiac and believe they have made the right choice. He did go on to say that, for a while, an 18 foot golden cock was looking likely to be erected, but the rat beat the rooster in the end!

April Fools! :)



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