As part of our coverage of 2016 local elections, we have invited candidates from Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield and Weoley wards (Birmingham City Council) to send in 500 Words describing themselves and their campaign.

From Weoley Ward candidate Julie Johnson (Labour):

juliejohnsonI’ve lived in Birmingham since 2006, and moved into my home in Northfield quite recently.  I’m right on the boundary of the Weoley ward and I’ve been getting to know the area as a resident – and not just as an election candidate.

I work in Birmingham City Centre for the Civil Service.

I am very proud to be Labour’s candidate for Weoley.

I’ve met lots of residents, and I know that people in this area have suffered greatly from the government’s cuts in benefits, and new rules like the bedroom tax, that make life a real struggle for many.

Tory Councillors in Weoley keep blaming the Labour leadership of our council, but it’s their government that is to blame, and they have no real idea about the day to day struggles that many of us have to face.

George Osborne’s budgets are a constant reminder of more cuts – not just to our own income but to the wonderful services we all rely on – our Police, our NHS, emergency services and public sector workers.

I have a keen and active interest in community safety and preventing crime and anti-social behaviour.  I want to see more Police on our streets and for us all to feel safe in the community where we live, secure in own homes.

I want everyone to receive the best services possible in the community. Our elderly people should be receiving the right support services and should feel valued and feel safe, and our young parents should be receiving improving support services. They too need to feel they are part of a community that cares.

We need to meet the economic crisis by creating jobs, and creating affordable housing. By making sure we have strong local communities, helping each other.

We hear almost daily about cuts and in Birmingham we have been targeted by central Government with cuts that are disproportionate and totally unfair.

But Labour is determined to defend services like free school meals, and we’re committed to building more new Council Houses.

Weoley needs another Labour Councillor – I will listen, help and take action so that we all can live in a community to be proud of, and I will continue to fight against unfair cuts.

I look forward to working with you all to help make Weoley an even better place to be.


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