As part of our coverage of 2016 local elections, we have invited all candidates from Northfield district – Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield and Weoley wards – to send in 500 Words describing themselves and their campaign.

From current councillor Eddie Freeman (Conservative), who is defending his seat in Weoley ward:

EddieFreemanSince 2008, I have represented Weoley and all that we stand for. We are a community who stand together, work together to try and better our area. I am not here for self-gain. I was brought up on the Ward and work on the Ward.

Living on the Ward I am able to see the things that affect us, as a community. I see myself as a normal person, my purpose is to represent the Ward and where I can voice our issues rectify our concerns and help people if and when I can.

Working on the Ward, I can see first-hand what issues people have; living on the Ward means I am able to address issues straight away.
I am just a phone call, email or advice bureaux away, even doing home visits when needed. I am here to help you.
From retaining lollipop patrols, preserving  local park land, safety on Roads, lighting and security railings and welcoming  new businesses, the ward is capable of so many things and by pushing it in the right direction, we can regenerate Weoley, showing everyone that it’s a safe, supportive and welcoming community.

I feel to represent an area you have to be proud of it and I am, since 2008 we have achieved so much.

I have tried to help people from all generations, from new play areas in parks to preserving green spaces and walk ways. I have tried to improve road safety, new traffic lights.

I am a trustee at the Allen’s Cross community Centre, who deliver activities for all ages.

I am passionate about our Ward and that is the reason why I started out originally doing neighbourhood watch and a residents group putting on day trips and activities etc  in our area for over 30 years.

Anyone who knows me will know how proud I am of the Ward and I want to support everyone, I am a Governor at Weoley Castle nursery, as I feel that inspiring our younger generations to be proud of the area will only drive our community further.

Which leads me on to me being a youth Champion, our younger generations (often misunderstood) have so much potential and so much to give.

Sitting on the Nathrex committee at St David Shenley Green is also a privilege it enables me to see things from different points of view.

I sit on the Housing Liaison Board Locally and in the City (H.L.B), where we try to fund projects in the ward.

I am so proud to have accomplished so much since 2008, I feel I have a lot more to give to our ward.

I roll my sleeves up helping to remove flying tipping, and addressing issues with wheelie bins and waste collections.

Living on the ward means what affects YOU affects ME.

I would be honoured if you will allow me to be re-elected on 5th May. Thank you Weoley Ward


  1. I live on the estate and don’t see any evidence of any work that he has carried out. the only time that i reached out to him, he was useless


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