As part of our coverage of 2016 local elections, we have invited all candidates from Northfield district – Kings Norton, Longbridge, Northfield and Weoley wards – to send in 500 Words describing themselves and their campaign.

From Northfield Ward candidate, outgoing councillor, Brett O’Reilly:

BrettOReillyFirstly, a big thank you to everyone who went to the polling stations back in 2012 and elected me to represent my home ward of Northfield. I grew up on Fairfax Road, went to West Heath Primary, Turves Green Boys School, and still live locally with my family.

I believe in honest politics, giving straight answers to tough questions, speaking out, and standing up for our local area, even if at times that puts me at odds with the council. Over my four years in office, I have never claimed a penny in expenses, and voted against pay rises for councillors, reflecting the views of local citizens, who are sick of seeing services cut, whilst politicians get pay rises.

Through relentless local campaigning, and working together with the community, we have seen funding secured for a new leisure centre, investment in housing, parks and open spaces improved, and a commitment from the council to deliver a library for the people of West Heath, as well as retaining Northfield Library. Most recently, we saved the ‘Cofton Oak’ from being cut down, and secured a full review of parking conditions across Birmingham, including surrounding the Longbridge development and the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital.

It is not just about the bigger projects. Over the last four years, I have worked tirelessly to make Northfield, Longbridge, Cofton and West Heath a better place to live; tackling fly tipping, dog fouling, potholes and footpath resurfacing, and making our roads safer.
On May 5th, there will be a clear choice at the local elections in Northfield.

A vote for the Tory candidate will mean more cuts, more local closures, privatisation of council services, and a return to the bad old days of complacent career politics.

I have had many successes with local campaigns, however there is still so much more to do, and much more that can be achieved. My record speaks for itself, and if you put your faith in me once again at the ballot box, I will continue to represent you, as your honest, hard-working, local councillor.

It has been an honour and a privilege for me to serve you for the last four years, and with your support, I believe we can build a better future for Northfield Ward.


  1. As a Northfield resident for over ten years I have contacted Cllr O’Reilly by email on multiple occasions over the past six months and he has NEVER replied, never contacted me to discuss serious issues within BCC that he could effect change upon. The fact he blocked me on social media and suggesting he felt harassed by me as resident for contacting him for help in on-going ASB case is one example of his ignorance. I have worked in the community supporting disadvantaged young people for over 20 years – I understand the process of local government and I know a honest, genuine worker when I see one. I have found Cllr O’Reilly to be of no support at all. I have been Labour all my life but will never vote for someone who does not stand up for residents or have decency and courtesy to respond. No excuses he is useless.

  2. West Heath Resident.

    Joe, I’m surprised to read your comments as Brett has helped me with numerous problems over a number of years. I have always found him helpful and willing to assist if he can. I’m definitely voting for Brett.

  3. I’ve only known you recently since you helped me get my bins sorted and sorted out my moms problems with her bedroom tax. But you’ve been very helpful. People forget that this government have implemented the bedroom tax and also cut the money Birmingham council (I.e local residents) gets to spend on services. I’m ashamed to say i didn’t know about about the cuts to our council till the last few weeks. I don’t know how the conservative candidates have a nerve to attack the council when their MPs are cutting our cities money by so much! Read up on it people! The Tories are bad and hypocritical ! You have mine and my families voted Brett good luck!

  4. Thanks all for the kind words of support.

    I have worked hard to make our community a better place to live, and have received many kind messages of support and thanks from local residents. My record on both casework and wider projects in Northfield speaks for itself, and I have always done my best to help people.

    Unfortunately I have been advised not to attend recent advice bureaux unaccompanied, and have had to contact the police in relation to harassment from an individual. No amount of bullying or harassment will ever stop me standing up for our community, and I will continue to campaign for a fair deal in Northfield.

    Best Wishes, and please get to the polls if you can on May 5th, and support me as your honest, hard-working local councillor.


  5. Drinking and drug taking on the streets, dog muck, fly tipping/litter, threats to lollipop crossers, iconic baths being replaced by a depressing box affair like the stupid college building at longbridge, traffic and traffic light chaos, speeding….and so it just goes on. When is all the hard work you say you put in going to start improving the area…its still getting worse from what i see every day.
    Did make me laugh earlier…the day before a local election a road sweeper comes down my road…only trouble is it never got to the end and turned round and went back….i pay my council tax you know. That sums up the useless council in one.

  6. Oh heyy, Aladdin! Long time! Havent seen you since last year – bit like the Tory parliamentary candidate Rachel Maclean, where have you all been the last year and a bit by the way?

    Threats to lollipop workers? Yeaaaah, Lab council are protecting them for another year whilst Dodgy Dave continues to starve BCC of funds. If you see him, have a word will ya? – him and his rich chronies really need to start paying their taxes cuz guess what? I DO.

    Speaking of ‘local candidates’, where’s Tory Les Lawrence been the last four years? Havent heard a peep out of him until 2 months ago. Ive googled him, YIKES (childrens services and heartlands, ouch!)!! doesnt inspire confidence that he’s any good at anything, really.. what a terrible CV :/

  7. I have merely stated the facts and there is ample evidence to support my stance that current Cllr is ignorant of genuine reports of serious issues of public concern ranging from collective harassment, ASB, dog fouling, car parking etc which I have reported to him on several occasions. He has never responded in months, let alone offer to meet with me to discuss in any regard during his term of office, ALL of the issues continue…I suspect this will be repeated should we have no change in Northfield.

    Many normal citizens choose not to engage in the ‘process’ as they are aware how corrupt and self motivated those in authority become detached from the real people they promise to serve.

    Conservatives are certainly not the solution and I would support Labour if they had a trustworthy local candidate I could rely upon to listen.


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