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Intrepid travellers Jon Bounds (left) & Danny Smith. Image by Pete Ashton

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside, oh we do like to be beside the sea. Well, the second line is not entirely true, we’d much prefer to subject ourselves to rickety boards and seagull poo on an (in its day) engineering marvel that protrudes out into the sewerage blotted shark infested salty H2O.

For the younger generation, I am talking about the great British pier: a place of pleasure that is a must on any British seaside outing – and piers are most definitely a part of British history and tradition that we should love and cherish, no matter how rusty they – or we – get.

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This is Midge. He drove the lads round all 55 piers. (In the car, not on a BMX)

And to help us, two Brummie fellas named Jon and Danny (Danny is from Northfield so clearly he is the important one. I forget where Jim is from!) have produced a book that we can only describe as a must read.

You don’t have to a pier fetish to enjoy this book, you don’t even have to be British. You just need to love to be entertained by two wonderful authors as they take you on a journey that will make you laugh, learn and be thankful for not actually being with them on the journey!

You can buy Pier Review HERE

It’s fun, factual and will soon become a favourite on your bookshelf. (or  your hard drive if buy for a Kindle)

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 19.09.06Before the seaside of their youth disappears forever, two friends from the landlocked Midlands embark on a peculiar journey to see all the surviving pleasure piers in England and Wales. With a clapped-out car and not enough cash, Jon and Danny recruit Midge, a man they barely know, to be their driver, even though he has to be back in a fortnight to sign on…

Join Jon and Danny as they take a funny and nostalgic look at Britishness at the beach, amusement in the arcades and friendship on the road.

– Pier Review



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