imageTwo temporary car parks at Longbridge, on Bristol Road South and adjacent to Austin Park, are set to close later this month. 

Developers, St Modwen, were granted planning permission by Birmingham City Council to provide the extra parking areas until a multi-storey car park could be provided in the town centre.

Mike Murray, development director at St. Modwen, said: “A 1,200 space multi-storey and a further 500 space permanent surface car park have now been provided as part of phase 2 of the Town Centre, so the temporary consent granted by Birmingham City Council has expired […]

“We are working with businesses, staff and visitors to provide notice on the closure of these car parks as well as information on the alternative parking facilities available, to ensure a seamless transition.”

On plans for the sites, Mr Murray said: “There are no immediate plans for development on the sites, but both are earmarked for future employment/ mixed use schemes as part of the long-term Longbridge master plan.”

The Bristol Road South car park (opposite Longbridge Lane junction) and the car park adjacent to Austin Park will close at midnight on Thursday 24th March.  



  1. Will there be affordable long stay provision in the multi-story? This is especially frustrating as the provision at the Park & Ride is woefully inadequate!

  2. That’s bad news for the residents of Broughton Crescent. Now we will end up with more cars being park in our road.
    The council need to find a solution to stop Broughton Crescent becoming the next free car park

    • and The Roundabout if you need to turn’s especially hazardous if the bus or a large vehicle comes speeding down,with cars parked so near the corner and on both sides.of the road.

  3. I work in m&s and parking in the multi storey every day works out to six pound aday, i cant afford that daily, most of my wage will be going to parking. Also parking on the street your not safe with the muggings thats have gone on, something has to give

  4. Very disappointing from a Park & Ride perspective. The multi-storey parking is a lot more expensive for all day parking.

  5. It seems to be a sign of the times once private companies take over the management of the car parks. They will clearly be making a fortune from people once the rest of the units are open on the Longbridge site (well that’s if anyone can afford the rents to open a shop), as 3 hours free parking won’t go far once you’ve looked around all the other shops and probably had some food. I agree with AR, the park and ride car park is ridiculous. There are simply not enough spaces. Whilst I like some of the improvements they are making down at Longbridge, other things are just a complete and utter joke.

  6. So unfair on the Longbridge community to be facing all this traffic night mare. We have a college with no car parking spaces yet loads of students come in their cars.

    Residents are sick and fed up with their roads full of cars that park were ever they like.

    As Longbridge ward chair can I ask that B31voices do a petition for local resident to sign and ask for car park put some where on this development site that is affordable for all and ease the parking local residents are facing.

    Money is available and it’s got to be used for this reason alone as I feel the community needs it more than ever.

    I do wish sometimes we need to .listen to the people of Longbridge and Northfield..

  7. It is already crazy with more cars than reasonable priced car parks. Once the Golf course is sold and many, many houses built it will likely treble the problem with lots of homes having two cars. Why Oh Why don’t the twits who designed this realise that it does not and will never work.

  8. I also think the entrance to Sainsbury’s/M&S off Longbridge Lane needs to be reviewed. Constant traffic at the lights making the entrance congested. Access should only be for Sainsbury’s at this junction forcing other shoppers round the corner to Austin Way as it’s got a much better flow of access.


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