IMG_0040West Mercia Police are appealing for witnesses after a lady in her 70’s sustained facial injuries that required hospital treatment after being robbed and punched in the face. The incident took place this morning (Friday 18 March) at around 9.30am outside the Acorns Children’s Hospice shop on New Road, Rubery.

West Mercia Police said “The victim, a woman in her 70s, was approached by two men. One man, described as black and in his early 20s, was riding a bicycle in front of the woman. A second man, described as white and also in his early 20s, was walking behind her. The man on the bike then asked her for the time, and went to take her handbag. The second man pushed her, and she was punched in the face by both men. They left the scene with her handbag, which contained a quantity of cash and a number of personal items. Both of the suspects had their hoods up during the incident.”

If you have any information or saw any suspicious behaviour this morning please contact the police on 101 quoting incident number 157s of Friday 18 March. Alternatively you can get in touch with that crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555 111 or visiting the website



  1. I hope the poor lady recovers after her shocking ordeal, bless her. The elderly are so vulnerable and these scum bags know it. I hope these b******* are caught and brought to justice.

  2. There is a police station in the middle of Rubery.. .u never see anyone of them patrolling the area…there are cameras so hopefully these 2 vermin will get caught & karma will get the scumbags eventually….2 bug men eh robbing a defenceless old lady bet they think they are great
    My arse

  3. It s disgusting that a person can t go about their business in broad daylight i hope they get caught and throw away the key leave them to rot lee

  4. There is a police station in rubery but it’s not used anymore has for the cameras are they ever switched on Rubery is the forgotten Village let us have the same privileges has Bromsgrove we all pay poll tax


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