I said we wouldn’t do another NAF post this month, and here I am, posting.

But I’ve got some sad news and glad news. So I had to.

Sad news first; our Passion Play workshops and performance this saturday(26th March, Easter Saturday) is CANCELLED. Sadly we didn’t have enough people sign up. If you were hoping to turn up to see it on Saturday, don’t. But DO sign up next year and we will try again.

GLAD news!!! So the good stuff: this Thursday (24th March) from 6pm to 9pm NAFcaf(e) is back, and it’s our North India to Northfield special. We also have the lovely Spoz showing the work from his and Anna Obrien(storyteller) project: Tales From Heads, plus surplus food cafe, live music, poetry, art, all that good stuff.

so get yourself along to the Northfield baptist church cafe for some proper good fun and company.

(if you know anyone who is struggling for crash or just simply struggling with life, let them know they can come in for a free meal and friendship)



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