Morrisons Rubery staff and customers raise £1000 to buy a defibrillator that could potentially save lives. Community Champion Jane Williams galvanised staff to do a sponsored walk, a bowling night and raffles, one of which was in store and raised over £120.

The defibrillator and training has been purchased and is now available to use instore if needed. It was provided by the Charlotte & Craig Saving Hearts Foundation, a foundation which was set up after terrible tragedy struck one family twice. Daughter Charlotte died suddenly in December 2010 of Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome and three years later their son Craig passed away from Marfan Syndrome.

Charlotte & Craig Saving Hearts Foundation said “We believe that venues should be installed with potentially lifesaving equipment such as defibrillators.”

Charlotte & Craig Saving Hearts Foundation  said “When a sudden cardiac arrest occurs, the casualty is usually relying on the ambulance service and first responders, and although they try their best, they can be a fair distance away from the scene.”

A wonderful effort by all concerned which could potentially save lives, well done to you all.

Community champion Jane Williams said “A valuable addition to our store but hopefully will never be needed”



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