Well, of the month. Last one of the month. Blog i mean. Correspondences of digital means. words. gushing streams of apparently nonsensical words? As i’m sure you know, wasn’t it that true philosopher, Kim Kardashian, who said, “why use one word when, you know, you could maybe say, well, ten at least, no twenty, fifty? seven, lets go with seven, to say even more? or less? or some anyway. say something”


We are mid way through our Arts March. A run of workshops even better in comedic substance than that new Truman Show style parody mockumentory PBS are running in the states (I mean, basing his opinions on a nazi and his looks on the shaved love child of an ewok and a wheeble?!? genius, give the script writers some awards and sweet treats or something. They may have taken it too far making veiled threats to lynch people and literally punching POC, but hey, all about the ratings.)

so. Arts March. Week one, Music! Dance! Draw! and we were rammed to the rafters, 300 of you piled in to join the event. Saturday just gone? another lovely event with our pop up gallery Art of NAF and a day of live music, proper lush of you all to roll out throughout the day and join.

Now then; 3 events left. And we want you, need you, love you to come. Stick em in your diaries.

SAT 19th MARCH. play fro the REP
THURSDAY 24th MARCH NAFcaf(e) North India to Northfield Special
SAT 26th MARCH. Passion play workshops and performance.
All at Northfield Baptist Church.

This sat, 19th March, we have at 3.30pm a free drama workshop from the REP, then at 5pm they are sticking about to deliver the play “FOLK” for us, again for free. Get yourself and the family down, let us know if you want to come to the drama workshop (primary age upwards, suitable for all levels of interest and ability) so we know numbers, also if you are planning to come to the actual play it would be good to know numbers if possible (although if you just want to rock up at 5pm on the night that’s fine i guess)

The following Thursday (24th march) its our next NAFcaf(e) and its a North India to Northfield Special, showing the work from our SAMPAD workshops, as well as showing some of the work form our recently completed Tales From Heads project. 6pm to 9pm. Pay-as-you-feel North India inspired food, live music, poetry and art workshops for all ages.

Finally, we end the month, and the Arts March event, on Saturday of the Easter weekend, with a Passion Play in a Day. Workshops from 10am then a read through performance later in the day at 4pm. Again, we really need to know numbers for this, please email/phone/tweet/facebook us and let us know if you are coming. (on that note, we have twitter: @NorthfieldArts1 and facebook Northfield Arts Forum and NAF pages. go click.like.join. follow. xx)

Love from (The King Of Brackets It Would Seem)
image1 Northfield Arts Forum


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