Firefighting resources from across south Birmingham were tied up last night as arsonists went on a spree, setting fire to wheelie bins & rubbish in Frankley.

Firefighters dealt with at least 28 deliberate fires in and around Boleyn Road between around 11pm and 1am.

Many of the wheelie bins were full and were placed close to properties and parked vehicles, as they were out for collection day, adding to the dangers firefighters faced.

Red Watch Crews from Northfield, Kings Norton, Bournbrook and Woodgate Valley – 5 appliances in total – dealt with the incidents, all within a 1/2 square mile of each other.

Police air support was called in an attempt to apprehend the offender/s.

Anyone with any info on these incidents is asked to call West Midlands Police on 101

The incidents come as West Midlands Fire Service promote Arson Awareness Week (21-27 March).

Arson is the crime of intentionally, deliberately and maliciously setting fire to buildings, wildland areas, rubbish, vehicle or other property with the intent to cause damage.

Arson hurts everybody, needlessly risking the lives of firefighters, costing millions of pounds in damage to property and ruining the environment.

The majority of arson incidents can be prevented by improving safety and security, which need not cost a lot.

In 2015 West Midlands Fire Service spent 4000 hours at arson incidents.

Image Northfield Fire / WMFS


  1. it was only a matter of time,only surprised it hasn’t happened before now.
    some numb-nut’s can’t seem to help themselves setting fire to the rarely placed litter bins,now they have streets of huge wheelie bins to destroy.

  2. And the signs say welcome to new Frankley.
    Load of bullshit.
    It’s getting worse around this place 38 years a resident around here and it’s got worse.
    The scumbags on this estate are making Frankley like the gaza strip.
    Motorbikes out of control,litter everywhere,shops keep being attacked and you can’t even put your bins out now.
    No police,no council,no body cares anymore.
    Welcome to new Frankley folks.

  3. John.
    WE care. More than most people even understand . Members of the Parish council have worked very hard to resolve these issues. You could not even begin to comprehend our frustration when these acts occur and the amount of correspondence between ourselves and the other bodies involved.
    If you really mean what you say please have some input. Come and join us. EVERY meeting is open to the public. And if you are really serious I am out early EVERY Tuesday and Thursday picking up litter. And regarding those frustrating bikers give ANY information to either the police (101) or to us.

  4. My bins got burnt and I was told by someone that I will be charged £20 per bin!!!!!!!!I can’t afford it and why should I pay for mindlessness on the part of some delinquent behavior…. Beggars belief..what do I do now about my refuse ?

  5. Have to agree…Frankley is on b31 voices quite alot lately and for the wrong reasons.
    It’s a sad reflection in the times we live today.
    I’ve lost count the amount of times those shopkeepers have been attacked.
    It’s pretty scary really.
    I wouldn’t have my misses working over there,for no price.
    I think there are good and bad places everywhere.
    It’s just a small bunch of idiots giving this place a bad name.
    Tory government has alot to answer for…

  6. I had my wheelie bin burnt . I’m not happy and I don’t feel as though they are safe to have. A locking device needs to be applied to these. It was burnt out on Thursday morning 00.20 . I was in bed and so was my kids . What I am finding disturbing about this is the fact their was cars on the drive that could of exploded and a hedge?? What the hell is going on . Then when the bin is set on fire by some idiot I’m expected to pay the council for a new one . ???? Incident happened longbridge area farren road


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