Turves Green Girls’ School are seeking expressions of interest from West Midlands based artists to create a contemporary mural artwork for ‘The Wall’ situated in Longbridge. The wall is located on Longbridge Lane to the right of Longbridge Train Station.

The Wall is a Turves Green Girls’ School (TGGS) led public art project supported by Northfield Housing Liaison Board. The artwork will be completed by the 22nd October 2016 and will be launched as part of Longbridge Light Festival.

‘The Wall’ project has also been supported by Longbridge Public Art Project (LPAP); LPAP artists-in-residence Cathy Wade & Juneau Projects in 2015 worked with TGGS pupils to explore initial ideas of what The Wall could become or represent by researching the areas rich and diverse history, whilst imagining what the next chapter of Longbridge could be.

The selected artist will further develop this work with students and staff from the school through a series of workshops to generate ideas and content for the mural.

Deadline for submissions: midday Monday 11th April 2016

Download the full brief here


  1. I wish a school or college could her permission to create art work on the Rubery flyover, it’s such a depressingly large area of grey concrete.

  2. I agree Jodie,the wall is between where Jakes dad lives and the grove Jake grew up in and there are so many people who would love to remember him as he was so well known in the area.

  3. I believe a memorial for Jake Waldron by Adam Hales would be a great idea in memory of a son father and friend missed by so many in the surrounding areas, Longbridge is becoming a more diverse area due to the development underway and Adam Hales could use his art skills to capture longbridge’s new vibe that the young crowds from the college have brought to the area.

  4. Brilliant idea to have a memorial wall for jake Waldron he was a well liked lad in our area and very well know to all ages of friends if his mother and father think it’s a great idea that Adam hale should do this then please let him go a head for every one that knew him to let his memory carry on for ever.

  5. I also think a memorial for jake would be amazing. It has devostated so many people. He was one in a million and so many people would appreciate it

  6. Yes Jake suld b remember on this wall so we can all go c visit an go past that wall remembering a true legend to the area as well as everywhere else! We love you Jake <3


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