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Parents of children who attend schools which are part of a local chain of academies are petitioning against changes to Christmas holiday dates this year.

The Lumen Christi Catholic Multi Academy Company (MAC) governs 6 academies across South West Birmingham – St Thomas Aquinas senior school in Kings Norton and 5 primary schools: St Brigid’s in Northfield, St Joseph’s and St Paul’s in Kings Norton, St Columba’s and St James’ in Rednal.

Last week the Birmingham Mail reported that the board of directors of Lumen Christi MAC had decided to change the Christmas holiday period for its six academies.

Birmingham City Council have this year recommended 16th December to 3rd January as the Christmas holiday for schools.

But Lumen Christi, utilising new government rules allowing state funded schools to set their own term dates, have opted to change their break to 21st December until 9th January.

Many parents, some who only found out about the decision through the Mail article, were furious at the lack of consultation on the decision. Others were concerned about how they would afford child care for the longer post Christmas break, when they have to return to work.

Two petitions, representing all 6 academies, have been set up by parents from St Brigid’s and St Joseph’s. They are asking those who support them and other schools in the MAC to sign both petitions.


  1. are there any benefits to the kids education with either set of dates?
    or have Lumen Christi given their reason’s for the announced change?


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