Students have teamed up with Longbridge Police to help you protect your car registration plates.

In a bid to help cut number plate theft, The Garage @ Bournville College is fitting anti-tamper screws to customers’ cars.

West Midlands Police say that many number plates are stolen because a thief is unable to renew their plate for legal reasons and they end up using that of a victim, often to commit further crime.

IMG_0896Motor Vehicle Maintenance students at the college – who also carry out repairs, servicing and MOTs on cars and motorbikes as part of their training – have been taught how to fit the screws by officers from the Longbridge neighbourhood team.

The Garage manager, Anthony Robinson said: “We are pleased to be working with the local police to help our customers and local residents from becoming victims of this crime.

“Anti-tamper screws are a simple but effective solution to the problem and we will be offering the screw replacement service to all customers from now on.”

For information about protecting your car from crime, visit www.safermotors.co.uk

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