So. here it is.


Next thursday (28th feb  Jan! ) 6pm to 9pm.

I know. I KNOW. Its very late notice to be blogging info a week before. I dropped the ball. I should have had all the info to you a healthy state of advancement, not with a 7 day countdown.


I didn’t literally drop a ball. I mean, i wasn’t carrying a ball, or balls, neither singular nor plural. I was not involved in an open ended non time restricted game of cricket, like the old days, or rugby, football, hockey, ping pong, snooker,fly fishing with a fly with a round ball-esque bit on the end, tennis, pool, squash, billiards, gaelic football, ossie rules, american style, hacky sacking nor zorbing.

there were no balls involved.

Well,thats a lie actually. I followed a bit of the cricket on TMS. But beyond that. Oh, wait, i checked the england rugby squad anouncements. Excited for Jack Cliford and Itoje is BUILT! my word.

But yeh, anyway.

Here is the flyer. (we would love you to rock up and hang out, have some food, listen, look, join in with the craft, and we are also looking for more volunteers to help out! also, its child friendly, arts and craft workshops and kids books about to read)

Yours sincerely, no, honestly, SINCERELY, stop sniggering Anisa

Oliver Thomas Armstrong Esquire The Third (some of thats a lie)

Northfield Arts Forum

(search for us on Facebook and on Twitter: @NorthfieldArts1 )

artsforumnorthfield@gmail.comARTS MARCH FINAL POSTER 16 FEB



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