Climbing the 20,000 ft mountain Kilimanjaro takes determination, resilience and an abundance of courage at the best of times. Now imagine climbing the beautifully daunting mountain and reaching the summit, then paragliding back down.

Some would call this crazy, some would call this canny as you don’t have to walk all the way back down the mountain! But for local binman Danny Taylor, this is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure for a worthy cause.

Father of five Danny, from Northfield, has been a refuse collector at Birmingham City Council for 13 years, so the hard work required to succeed in the challenge is not in question! For the past year he’s been preparing himself for the September adventure by running, plenty of hiking/flying with a heavy glider bag and an Acro course to enhance his skills.

He will be joining other members of the not-for-profit organisation Wings of Kilimanjaro, who annually host the charity event of climbing Tanzania’s iconic mountain. Their expertise has enabled many to experience one of the seven summits of the world at it’s most beautiful whilst raising thousands of pounds and changing peoples lives for their charity partner WorldServe.

In Danny’s own words, this is why he is doing this challenge: Money you donate will be helping to survey, drill and construct new solar-powered water bores; providing clean and sustainable water for thousands of Tanzanian Maasai. These communities currently have no local access to accessible, safe or clean water and in some communities water-borne illness has caused infant mortality rates to be as high as 60%. Clean water changes lives in so many ways, from health, to hygiene to dignity. All people deserve access to clean water, and through your donation you’ll be giving some of the poorest people on earth access to clean water; something the rest of us take for granted.”

Can you help Danny? Don’t worry, he’s not asking you to carry his paraglider to the summit! He is simply asking you to support him by donating via his sponsor page. Or if you have any items of kit that it might be useful, then please get in touch.

The majority of this adventure is self funded by Danny, some of the money donated will be used to purchase some items of kit and to fly it over to Africa. The rest of the money will go directly to help dramatically improve the life of the Tanzanians.

So if you can, whether you’re an individual or a business, please support local binman Danny.

Danny’s gofund me link (Main donations)

Danny’s event profile page

Danny’s instagram page

Danny’s web page

Danny’s Vimeo

Wings of Kilimanjaro



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