Bloor Homes will be presenting their outline plans for the redevelopment of a golf club in Northfield at a public exhibition next week.

The future of North Worcestershire Golf Club (NWGC) on Hanging Lane has been uncertain for some years, with rumours of the club – which has been on the site for over 100 years –  being sold off to developers.

A spokesperson said: “Bloor Homes is committed to producing a carefully considered proposal that not only provides a range of much needed homes, but also delivers extensive community benefits.”

Longbridge Councillor, Andy Cartwright (Labour), who is opposed to the redevelopment urged residents to attend the exhibition. He said: “Local residents need to attend and put forward their concerns, as this could be their last chance and I feel they need to be listened to. I do hope all councillors in our District are against this, as the impact on our community will be massive and only add to the traffic concerns.”

View the proposals:

When: 2-8pm Thursday 28th January 2016
Where: Hollymoor Centre, 8 Manor Park Grove, Northfield B31 5ER


• 2012: site excluded as a potential development site in Birmingham City Council’s Core Strategy Plan following a public consultation.

• 2012-13: With rumours of a potential sale in 2012 and 2013, the board were adamant there were no plans to sell.

• February 2014: further rumours of a potential sale as board members vote to allow discussions with developers with a view to selling the site.

• February 2012a petition against development of the site gained 448 signatures in under 24 hours.

• April 2014: Club chairman Roger Adams announced that, due to the financial situation of the club: “To put it starkly, the club is simply unsustainable and we have no option but to sell.”

• April 2014: NWGC ‘entered into an agreement’ with Bloor Homes who plan to develop the land for housing, with space for community and leisure use.

• July 2014 – present: Bloor Homes hold public consultation exhibitions, meetings, discussions with community stakeholders, community presentations and design workshop.

• January 2016: Bloor Homes to present outline proposals for redevelopment of NWGC.


  1. So the plan unfolds… interesting they don’t hold it at the golf club!!! my concerns are all infrastructure..roads are narrow and clogged now, Rat running will get far worse.quality of life for all locals will go down, how much green space will they leave? cycle and walking routes? new school? new shops? etc

  2. This is an abolute crime to allow this to happen.

    A few thoughts before seeing the plans – Prove me wrong…

    It will not or wont have been thought out properly, watch this space, I say TRAFFIC…… just for starters. I could rant on with a list as long as your arms…… No one will listen, because the deals been done but just a few points here :-

    The shareholders of NWGC have been sold down the river – they wont get the deal they are expecting.
    Traffic will be a major issue, together with the additional traffic at Longbridge and along the Bristol Road,and surrounding areas.
    The developers will want a maximum return on thier investment, so corners will be cut……

    I could go on and on, whats the point, the deal is done, lets just hope they dont ruin whats around the site / area, after ruining such a great Golf Club.



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