Birmingham City Council cabinet is being asked to approve plans to demolish a block of flats in West Heath.

Proposals to demolish the block of flats and shops on the corner of Houldey Road (numbers 1-9) and The Fordrough (66-92) will be considered by councillors on 26th January.

Plans for redevelopment of the site will be presented at a later date, but it is likely to be used for new housing.

IMG_0551Councillor Tahir Ali, cabinet member for Development, Transport and the Economy, said: “The block in question is poor quality, inefficient, and no longer meets the needs of Birmingham residents in the 21st century.

“We do not take decisions to demolish homes lightly, given the existing housing gap. However, demolishing this block will remove an eyesore as well as helping reduce the opportunity for criminal and anti-social behaviour at this site, thus improving the local environment. We have already consulted with local residents who fully support these proposals.

“Crucially, we want to give this site a new lease of life with high quality housing better suited to the needs of local families – proposals for which will be put forward in due course.”


  1. Shannon road kingsnorton highrise flats need knocking down nasty horrible things eyesore and attract drug dealers drug users. Not a nice place to live if you have kids !!! Even worse now the concierge are not there anymore people punching the lights out on the stairs and smoking drugs on the stairs and the lifts breaking down all the time. People shouldn’t have to live like this 2016 and its like living in the 80s in them blocks and the flats are horrible well dated kichens bathrooms ect … Knock them down … Over a million pound a year your making on each block in rent its not right considering the state of them and if you call for repairs your waiting weeks and then the job is done by a amateur and is worse than when he started . Disgraceful!!!

  2. New flats would be a great idea. Wish you would knock mine down further up the road. But the shop should remain where it is. Its a great friendly local shop.

  3. About time !! they have been promising to knock these flats down for years and years they are such an eyesore, the sooner they are gone the better.

  4. What about Aldersmead Road North & South Walks it seams to me that everywhere else is being done and these properties are in need of being refurbished or demolished and council are leaving them until they start falling down!!!!!!

  5. Shannon road tower blocks must be the shabbiest looking blocks in Britain. Its like something out of the 3rd world. Knock em down.

  6. What about speedwell house its a disgrace the flats are a totall desaster and the council exspect ppl to live in properts that are unlivable


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