IMG_5708.JPGWest Midlands Police are seeking information after would-be thieves rammed a van into a Frankley newsagents, in an attempt to steal a cash machine. 

Police were called at around 3am this morning (Wednesday 9th December) after a white Ford Transit was rammed through metal shutters at Martin’s Newsagents in Arden Road.

After failing to free the cash machine at the shop, which is home to Frankley Post Office, the thieves made off on motorbikes.

Anyone with any information is asked to call police on 101. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111


  1. Why am I not surprised about this.
    Purely because I’ve lost count the amount of times these shops have been targets for crime.
    It’s a complete joke,where are these so called cctv cameras that were supposed to be installed to protect shops and the folk of Frankley.
    I avoid these shops at all costs,not a safe place to shop.
    Such a pity that the scumbags who drove this van never went head first into the window,and blead to death.

    What’s new about new Frankley…

  2. Well if they made a getaway on motorbikes,there’s that many speeding around Frankley at the moment,catching the arsholes will be a fine art.

    Such a shame they never broke there necks really.
    I agree I never go over to those shops,always seem dodgy to me.
    You can see the druggies and pissheads eyeing people up,for a few quid.
    Why don’t they just surround the shops with that dreadfully green prison fencing they have around the schools and Docters.
    Or even better just completely level the shops with bulldozers and turn it into a police station.
    It might be a hell lot better than it is now.

  3. That’s at least 5 attacks this year at them shops alone.
    Greegs,Martins,Ladbrokes,diy shop.
    All been done over.
    Something has to be done over there,it really is dangerous.
    And the poor lady who runs that newsagents has been attacked at least 3-4 times in a few years.
    Sad times we live in at the moment.
    Is anybody safe today.

  4. i think the old om co Arden shops was done as-well there shutters was done to but cant remember how many times the post office has been targeted its a shame when that happens because the post office is handy for people if they live in frankley

  5. Are you lot for real! Frankley is no worse than anywhere in Birmingham. I live in rubery and use these shops regularly never have any issues. Yes there are some dodgy looking people but no worse than Northfield, Rubery, rednal, weoley castle or kings norton. You all have a problem and gob off through a keyboard but do nothing to change it so crawl back under your rocks and fuck off.

  6. Lived on frankley for 39 years since built.and like anywhere you have good and bad areas,and good and bad people.
    I myself have seen lots of changes around here,and not all of them for the best.
    Its just sections of unreasonably scumbags that bring these areas down and give it a bad name.
    Theres some really decent hardworking folk that live on most council run estate’s in south bham that i feel sorry for.
    I think drug money has a major part to play in most crimes committed in these areas today.

  7. How you solve it is be all you residents coming together and saying you not going to take it no more. You creat a resident association then you work with the city council your MP Cllrs & the police to tackle crime on you estate set put a neighborhood & shop watch and show the scumbag that you mean business. I was the one that set up the residents association in Clydesdale & Cleveland Towers in town in 1991 we had a big drug problem then and a lot of apartments in the blocks were being broken into I moved out in 93 but the residents association is still going the blocks are no longer in council control & they’ve been refurbished. A lot can be accomplished if you all get together as a community and take ownership for were you live it’s a lot of hard work but you have to be prepared to put the effort in to get the rewards.


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